A New Year for new jobs - 1st Jan
Royal messages to Myanmar - 4th Jan
Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans receives... - 7th Jan
A class above graft - 8th Jan
Crown Prince launches Corruption Prevention Education - 8th Jan
Compensational package amounting to $15.7 million allocates to... - 10th Jan
Inner strength for success, happiness - 11th Jan
Tutong District meets for Sultan's 60th Birthday celebrations - 11th Jan
His Majesty joins rakyat in performing Aidil Adha prayer - 12th Jan
His Majesty conducts sacrificial rites and distributes the meat to... - 12th Jan
Over 4,000 people receive sacrificial meat from His Majesty and... - 12th Jan
Islam advocates its followers to remain loyal to their ruler - 12th Jan
Sultan joins subjects in Aidil Adha prayers - 12th Jan
Sultan at sacrificial ceremony - 12th Jan
Deputy minister upholds loyalty to monarch - 12th Jan
Korban meat distributed throughout districts - 12th Jan
$250m special fund to boost human resources - 13th Jan
Two new Brunei envoys appointed - 15th Jan
Experts & skills the key - 15th Jan
Crown Prince at 20th UBD anniversary - 15th Jan
Her Royal Highness among Science College graduates - 15th Jan
Crown Prince visits Ministry of Finance - 18th Jan
Sultan calls for clean, credible police force - 19th Jan
Sultan attends RBPF parade - 19th Jan
Royal working visit continues - 20th Jan
Royalty attend RBPF banquet - 20th Jan
His Majesty names grandson - 20th Jan
Crown Prince on working visit - 22nd Jan
Prince Mohamed chairs meeting - 22nd Jan
His Majesty visits three mukims in interior Belait - 24th Jan
His Majesty checks on three Belait mukims - 24th Jan
His Majesty visits mukims in Belait District - 24th Jan
Royal audience to foreign envoys - 25th Jan
Sultan grants audience to foreign envoys - 25th Jan
New Halal Order to come into force - 25th Jan
His Majesty sends greetings to Australia and India - 26th Jan
Crown Prince and Senior Minister at Prime Ministerís Office... - 26th Jan
2nd royal birthday meeting for Brunei Muara District... - 26th Jan
Crown Prince visits Ministry of Defence - 26th Jan
Royal congratulations for India and Australia - 26th Jan
Grand line-up for HM's 60th birthday celebration - 26th Jan
Royal audience to Philippines General - 27th Jan
Crown Prince meets two new envoys - 27th Jan
11 senior army officers promoted - 28th Jan
11 Senior Officers promoted - 28th Jan
Royal call to revamp religious education - 31st Jan
Sultan presents awards - 31st Jan
IBBD provides a bigger contribution towards enhancing Bruneiís economy - 1st Feb
His Majesty has consented to the appointment, confirmation... - 1st Feb
Islamic banks merge - 1st Feb
Appointment of govt posts - 1st Feb
Appointment of govt posts - 3rd Feb
Crown Prince visits MoD Directorate of Intelligence - 3rd Feb
Royalty at bertahlil ceremony for late Sultan - 3rd Feb
Sultan to attend Chinese New Year gathering at ICC - 4th Feb
Royal audience - 5th Feb
Two new onshore oil blocks awarded - 7th Feb
His Majesty attends CNY get-together - 7th Feb
Royalty graces CNY get-together - 7th Feb
His Majesty consented to receives audience from the Republic of Singapore - 8th Feb
Crown Prince also consented to receives audience from the Republic of Singapore - 8th Feb
Royal audience to S'pore Minister - 8th Feb
Crown Prince receives minister in audience - 8th Feb
Her Majesty grants audiences at Istana Nurul Iman - 8th Feb
Crown Prince attends the German Film Festival of the 2006 FIFA World Cup - 9th Feb
Brunei Darussalam establishes diplomatic relations with the Government of the Independent State of Samoa - 9th Feb
The National Committee holds its 2nd meeting for the 60th birthday anniversary of His Majesty - 9th Feb
Crown Prince opens German Film Festival - 9th Feb
Sultan's working visit to Mukim Kota Batu - 10th Feb
Sultan visits Kota Batu - 10th Feb
Royal audience for special envoy of the President of the Republic of Benin - 10th Feb
His Majesty sends a congratulatory message to the Islamic Republic of Iran - 11th Feb
Royal congratulatory messages to Iran - 11th Feb
HRH at China's Open House - 12th Feb
His Majesty consents to award Air Chief of Staff of Pakistanís Air Force - 18th Feb
Their Royal Highnesses attend DPMM FC Annual Gala 2006 - 18th Feb
High Tea Reception in conjunction with royal birthday anniversary - 18th Feb
Yayasan holds prayer to mark Crown Princeís 32nd birthday anniversary - 18th Feb
Crown Prince's birthday feted - 18th Feb
Crown Prince feted by RBAF - 18th Feb
Indonesian President to visit Brunei - 18th Feb
Sultan leads brisk walk in the park - 20th Feb
His Majesty leads walk at Bukit Shahbandar - 20th Feb
Sultan sends condolence message to Arroyo - 20th Feb
His Majesty consents to award the State Honorary Medals to 654 people - 22nd Feb
654 awarded Brunei State Decorations - 22nd Feb
654 awarded State medals - 22nd Feb
Medals for 18 BINA officials - 22nd Feb
Sultan praises father for nation's progress - 23rd Feb
Sultan attends mass prayers - 23rd Feb
World leaders greet Brunei on National Day - 23rd Feb
710 more awarded state medals - 23rd Feb
Brunei rejoice N-Day glory - 24th Feb
Grand show of patriotism - 24th Feb
His Majesty congratulates Kuwait on its National Day - 25th Feb
State Honorary Medals Award Ceremony reschedules to 4th March - 25th Feb
Royal messages to Kuwait - 25th Feb
Crown Prince consents to watch charity match - 27th Feb
Princess Hajah Masna attends Girl Guides Associationís Thinking Day - 27th Feb
Princess Masna leads Girl Guides walkathon - 27th Feb
Royalty graces walkathon to mark World Thinking Day - 27th Feb
His Majesty speaks of close, wide ranging cooperative relations between.... - 28th Feb
His Majesty consents to bestow State Decoration to Indonesian President - 28th Feb
Indonesian First Lady receives courtesy call from wives of Indonesian... - 28th Feb
Closer ties with Indonesia - 28th Feb
His Majesty and Indonesian President begin their day with early morning... - 1st Mar
Indonesian Leader holds meetings with officials from investment agencies - 1st Mar
Indonesian First Lady tours Kampong Ayer - 1st Mar
Indonesian leader winds up his two-day state visit to Brunei - 1st Mar
Indonesia woos Brunei investors - 1st Mar
Walk around with royalty - 1st Mar
Crown Prince bids farewell to Indonesian President - 1st Mar
Sultan, Yudhoyono in morning stroll at Empire - 1st Mar
Jordan King arrives in sultanate for three-day private visit - 2nd Mar
His Majesty hosts dinner in honour of visiting Jordanian King - 2nd Mar
Their Majesties and Crown Prince grant separate audiences ... - 2nd Mar
Sultan hosts dinner for King Abdullah - 2nd Mar
Sultan greets King Abdullah - 2nd Mar
Royal audience to Commander of the US Pacific Command - 2nd Mar
Monarchs view combat demos - 3rd Mar
Royal tour of Ulu Temburong - 3rd Mar
Jordan King ends three-day private visit to Brunei Darussalam - 4th Mar
His Majesty and Jordanian King attend mass Friday prayer - 4th Mar
Royalty at Friday prayers - 4th Mar
Monarchs attend Friday prayers - 5th Mar
Finance to the fore - 5th Mar
Board of Directors of the Employees Trust Fund appointed for a period of 2 years - 7th Mar
His Majesty presents credentials and receives letters of appointment - 8th Mar
Prince Mohamed Bolkiah grants audiences to two newly-appointed foreign envoys - 8th Mar
Sultan grants audience to new envoys - 8th Mar
Prince Mohamed grants audience to foreign envoys - 8th Mar
Crown Prince makes working visit to Directorate of Operation of RBAF - 9th Mar
Prince Malik attends FOBISSEA dinner - 9th Mar
Crown Prince visits Ministry of Defence - 9th Mar
Crown Prince visits Directorate of Operations - 9th Mar
Two schools come under royal scrutiny - 10th Mar
Surprise visit to schools - 10th Mar
Sultan at prayer for late state dignitary - 11th Mar
Royal visit to Vietnam - 11th Mar
Health and vitality for stronger nation - 13th Mar
Crown Prince grants audience to new Australian High Commissioner - 14th Mar
Royal audience to Australian envoy - 14th Mar
Crown Prince grants audience to new High Commissioner of Singapore - 15th Mar
His Majesty outlines paramount roles of Legislative Council - 16th Mar
Explore other resources to avoid foreign dependency - 16th Mar
Sultan at Legislative Council meeting - 16th Mar
Royal audience to Brunei envoys - 17th Mar
Budget for better standard of living - 17th Mar
Royal audience to outgoing envoys - 19th Mar
His Majesty grants audience to Azerbaijan Foreign Minister - 21st Mar
Crown Prince and Her Royal Highness attend dinner hosted by Vietnam Vice-President - 21st Mar
Their Royal Highnesses leave for official visit to Vietnam and Laos - 21st Mar
Their Royal Highnessesí visit to Vietnam begins - 21st Mar
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosts luncheon for his Azerbaijan counterpart - 21st Mar
Crown Prince and Her Royal Highness begin their separate programmes in Hanoi - 22nd Mar
Royal audience - 22nd Mar
Crown Prince visits Laos - 23rd Mar
Congratulatory messages to Pakistan on the occasion of Pakistan Day - 23rd Mar
BEDB greets His Majesty - 24th Mar
Crown Prince honoured by Laos - 24th Mar
His Majesty visits Brunei Economic Development Board - 24th Mar
Royal families attend Gala Night of Titian Budaya - 25th Mar
Their Royal Highnesses end their three-day official visit to Laos - 25th Mar
Royalty at Titian Budaya Gala Night - 25th Mar
His Majesty receives M'sian Minister - 26th Mar
Royal congratulatory messages to Bangladesh - 26th Mar
Royalty view Malaysian trends - 27th Mar
Crown Prince attributes ability of citizens to celebrate HMís birthday... - 28th Mar
Indonesia expresses gratitude to His Majestyís care and concern in plight of Aceh people - 28th Mar
Joint effort for grand royal b'day celebration - 28th Mar
Construction of royal stage in Tutong - 28th Mar
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade grants audience to outgoing envoy - 29th Mar
Their Majesties grant separate audiences to Chief of Indonesian... - 30th Mar
His Majesty grants audience - 30th Mar
Royal audiences - 30th Mar
His Majesty visits Tutong District - 31st Mar
Royal thrill for Tutong Town - 31st Mar
Colourful tattoo for His Majesty's birthday - 1st Apr
Royal audience to S'pore delegates - 2nd Apr
HRH fetes guests - 2nd Apr
Prince Mohamed hosts dinner for Singapore FM - 2nd Apr
His Majesty joins Charity Walk hosted by Royal Brunei Police Force - 3rd Apr
His Majesty grants audience to members of delegation of Brunei-Singapore Exchange Programme - 3rd Apr
Her Royal Highness describes corruption as internal enemy - 3rd Apr
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosts dinner for his Singaporean counterpart - 3rd Apr
Sultan leads by example - 3rd Apr
Princess Hjh Masna leaves for China - 3rd Apr
Royal call to end corruption - 3rd Apr
His Majesty grants audience to Governor of Guangxi Zhung Autonomous Region of China - 4th Apr
Audience to Chinese governor - 4th Apr
Royalty attend Chinese Cultural Show - 5th Apr
Royalty at Chinese cultural show - 5th Apr
Prince Abdul Malik officiates at concrete laying ceremony for Foundationís Secondary School - 6th Apr
Brunei-China exchange views on ways to further increase cooperation in areas of mutual interest - 6th Apr
Princess Masna meets Chinese vice minister - 6th Apr
Royalty lays Yayasan school foundation - 6th Apr
Princess at Nursing College Convocation - 7th Apr
Brunei-China discuss relations and economic cooperation between two countries - 8th Apr
Boost for China-Brunei ties - 8th Apr
Bird flu and HFMD pose a challenge - 9th Apr
Royal donation to Vietnam's Orange victims - 9th Apr
Special people have same rights as other people to live active and meaningful life - 10th Apr
Call to assist people with special needs - 10th Apr
Royal call to give top priority to cleanliness - 11th Apr
His Majesty joins in mass gathering and procession to mark Maulidur Rasul - 12th Apr
Nightly Dikir Maulud at Istana Nurul Iman ends - 12th Apr
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosts dinner for Chinaís Prosecutor General - 12th Apr
Sultan leads Maulud march - 12th Apr
Sultan leads Prophet's b'day procession - 12th Apr
Prince hosts dinner for Chinese official - 12th Apr
Royal audience to new envoys - 13th Apr
Audience for new ambassadors - 13th Apr
Princess presents PRYNSA awards - 14th Apr
Sultan's grandson commemorates Prophet's b'day - 14th Apr
His Majesty left for Qatar to begin three-day state visit - 15th Apr
Sultan leaves for Qatar, UAE - 15th Apr
His Majesty on first State Visit to Qatar - 16th Apr
Royal greetings to Denmark - 16th Apr
His Majesty visits various gas plants on state visit to Qatar - 17th Apr
His Majesty visits Qatar Sports Academy - 17th Apr
His Majesty attends briefing on Qatar development projects - 17th Apr
His Majesty satisfies over Brunei-Denmark relations - 17th Apr
His Majesty tours sports academy - 17th Apr
Royalty attend charity concert - 17th Apr
His Majesty is in Abu Dhabi for a three-day state visit to UAE - 18th Apr
His Majesty and Emir of Qatar deliberate on how to strengthen bilateral cooperation - 18th Apr
His Majesty concludes state visit to Qatar - 18th Apr
Closer ties with Qatar - 18th Apr
Sultan arrives in Abu Dhabi - 18th Apr
His Majesty leaves UAE on completion of three-day state visit - 19th Apr
Royalties grace Womenís Special Gathering to commemorate Maulidur Rasul - 19th Apr
His Majesty visits Dubai Police Academy - 19th Apr
Royalty at special gathering - 19th Apr
His Majesty returns home after three-day state visit to UAE - 20th Apr
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Bali attending ASEAN FMs Retreat - 20th Apr
Prince Mohamed Bolkiah attends meeting on ASEAN Charter - 20th Apr
British Commission holds reception to mark Queenís 80th birthday - 20th Apr
Brunei explores closer economic ties with UAE - 20th Apr
Prince Mohamed arrives in Bali - 20th Apr
Prince for Asean FM Retreat - 20th Apr
Audience to Brunei envoys - 21st Apr
Prince attends Asean FM Retreat - 21st Apr
Prince attends meeting on Asean Charter - 21st Apr
Royal audience to Laos Deputy Premier - 23rd Apr
Royal audiences to Laotian guests - 23rd Apr
Audience to spouses of Brunei envoys - 27th Apr
Audience to envoy - 28th Apr
Princess at Guides' warrant ceremony - 29th Apr
Diplomatic ties with Iceland - 29th Apr
Royal messages to Netherlands, Sweden - 30th Apr
Princess visits Military Legal Unit - 2nd May
Brunei, Estonia establish diplomatic relations - 2nd May
Handing over of sponsorship for Sultan's B'day concert - 3rd May
Sultan's birthday song writing competition today - 6th May
Sultan hosts private dinner for Mahathir - 8th May
Crown Prince begins official visit to S'pore - 8th May
His Majesty's B'day song writing winners - 8th May
Crown Prince arrives in Singapore for 5-day official visit - 8th May
Royalty among fans wowed by Rossa - 8th May
His Majesty sends congratulatory message to Lee - 9th May
Crown Prince conferred Distinguished Service Order - 9th May
Royal birthday meeting in Tutong - 9th May
Prince visits US aircraft carrier - 10th May
Crown Prince meets Singapore Premier - 10th May
Crown Prince meets S'pore PM - 10th May
Royal check on schools - 11th May
Sultan's surprise visit to schools - 11th May
Royalty visit Gurkha contingent - 11th May
Crown Prince receives courtesy call - 12th May
Prince Mohamed visits USS Abraham Lincoln - 12th May
Grand 60th Birthday - 14th May
His Majesty grants audience to Lord Mayor of London - 15th May
Royal audience to Lady Mayoress - 15th May
Royal audience to Lord Mayor - 15th May
Sultan visits RBAF Training Institute - 17th May
Sultan makes working visit to RBAF Training Institute - 17th May
Crown Prince receives audience - 17th May
Royal congratulatory messages to Norway - 17th May
His Majesty awards title - 18th May
Crown Prince makes working visit to BSP - 18th May
KB meeting for HM's birthday - 19th May
Prince off to Qatar - 20th May
Grads must be marketable - 21st May
Crown Prince at ITB Convocation - 21st May
Prince Mohamed in Doha dialogue - 21st May
Her Majesty at Women's Council badminton - 22nd May
Tug-of-war competition to mark monarch's b'day celebration - 22nd May
Audience to Saudi Foreign Minister - 23rd May
Princess Masna receives Saudi Minister - 23rd May
Brunei, Saudi sign General Agreement - 23rd May
Keys, land lots for subjects - 24th May
His Majesty visits Belait District - 24th May
Royal audience to UNESCO Chief - 25th May
Crown Prince upholds Quran as cure for ills - 25th May
Royal audience for outgoing envoy - 25th May
Princess Masna meets UNESCO Chief - 25th May
Royal congratulatory messages for Jordan's Independence Day - 25th May
Tutong gears up for His Majesty's b'day celebration - 25th May
More activities for Sultan's Birthday - 25th May
Trust, most important says Sultan - 26th May
Prince attends ACD meetings in Doha - 26th May
Readying for royal b'day - 26th May
Royalty at colourful reception - 27th May
His Majesty attends Regimental Dinner - 28th May
Sultan attends Regimental Dinner - 28th May
Royal audience to Palestinian ministers - 28th May
Sultan sends condolences to Yudhoyono - 29th May
Royalty at charity dinner - 29th May
Prince Mohamed leaves for KL - 29th May
His Majesty receives 4 new envoys - 30th May
Audience to 4 new envoys - 30th May
Prince upholds NAM's values - 30th May
Prince Mohamed attends NAM Ministerial Summit - 30th May
Royalty attend charity dinner - 30th May
Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade meets new envoys - 30th May
Sultan congratulates Singapore premier - 31st May
Audience to outgoing envoys - 31st May
Sultan grants audience to outgoing envoys - 31st May
Crown Prince attends RBAF ceremony - 31st May
Prince Mohamed returns from NAM meet - 31st May
Princess grants audience to envoy - 31st May
Brunei Shell contributes to royal b'day celebration - 31st May
Peace a gift of God - 1st June
His Majesty tours military exhibition - 1st June
Magnificent teamwork at RBAF celebration - 1st June
Royalty at launch of Rentak 914-Vol 2 - 1st June
Royal audience to Sheikh of Al-Azhar - 2nd June
Birth of a prince - 2nd June
Royal congratulatory messages for Italy's Anniversary - 2nd June
Arch tribute to His Majesty's birthday - 3nd June
Royalty begin 4-day visit to France - 6th June
Sultan names new prince - 6th June
Royal birth - 6th June
Belait committee all set for royal celebrations - 6th June
Royal greetings to Sweden - 7th June
Crown Prince meets French President - 7th June
Royalty continue visit to France - 7th June
Royal adieu to Gurkhas - 8th June
Royalty visit Louvre Museum - 8th June
Sultan awards scholarships - 9th June
His Majesty confers royal title - 10th June
Monarchs gather in Thailand - 10th June
Crown Prince attends World Cup - 10th June
Royal visit to Germany - 10th June
Royal audience in Britain - 10th June
Crown Prince on working visit in Munich - 11th June
Crown Prince in Munich - 11th June
Farewell audience - 11th June
Prince Mohamed grants audience to envoys - 11th June
Royalty at sporty get-together - 11th June
Their Majesties arrive in Bangkok - 12th June
Royalty in Bangkok for celebrations - 12th June
Congratulatory messages to Philippines on occasion of 108th Independence... - 12th June
Their Majesties pay tribute to Thai King - 13th June
Their Majesties pay tribute to Thai King - 13th June
Royalty visit Reichstag Building - 13th June
His Majesty hails reign of Thai King - 14th June
Their Majesties view colourful procession - 14th June
Royalty visit German Historical Museum - 14th June
Kg Tanah Jambu & Kg Salar gear up for Sultan's 60th b'day celebrations - 14th June
His Majesty pays tribute to Thai King - 15th June
Sultan meets King Letsie III - 15th June
Their Majesties leave Thailand - 15th June
Crown Prince meets German FM - 15th June
Crown Prince ends visit to Germany - 16th June
Royal messages to Queen Elizabeth II - 17th June
Her Majesty at Girl Guides prize giving - 17th June
Royalty at Girl Guides prize presentation - 17th June
Walkathon to mark His Majesty's b-day - 17th June
Prince off to Azerbaijan - 18th June
Royal walk in the park - 19th June
Prince at opening of Islamic conference - 20th June
Bandar spruced up for royal birthday - 20th June
Brunei supports OIC efforts - 21st June
Kite festival to mark Sultan's 60th Birthday celebrations - 21st June
Arches for Sultan's birthday - 21st June
Their Royal Highnesses attend dinner - 22nd June
National Committee meets on Royal Birthday Celebrations - 25th June
Capital gets ready for Royal Birthday - 25th June
Capital gets ready for Royal Birthday - 25th June
Princes take part in Xtreme challenge - 26th June
Municipal Board cleans up Bandar - 27th June
BSB abuzz with activity for Sultan's b'day celebration - 27th June
Over 100 photographs of His Majesty judged - 27th June
Princess Masna leaves for Japan - 28th June
Preparations for giant flag-hoisting ceremony underway - 28th June
Rehearsal for flag hoisting ceremony - 29th June
Temburong setting stage for grand celebration - 29th June
Tutong District readies for BIG DAY - 29th June
New-look Jalan Sultan for Royal b'day celebration - 29th June
Sultan congratulates new Vietnam PM - 30th June
His Majesty to lead birthday walkathon - 30th June
Public invited to participate in Walkathon Emas 60 - 30th June
Sultan's B'day festivity to kick off tomorrow - 30th June
Royal messages to Canada - 1st July
Princess at Gender Equality Meeting - 1st July
Dirgahayu 60 album to mark Royal birthday - 1st July
Capital comes alive in colour - 1st July
Preparations for tomorrow's Walkathon Emas 60 - 1st July
Decorative neon lights brighten Brunei Capital - 1st July
Tutong District holds walkathon - 1st July
Flag-hoisting kicks off festivities - 2nd July
Royal birthday celebrations begin - 2nd July
Tutong raises national flag - 2nd July
Belait hoists the flag - 2nd July
National flags hoisted along Kg Tanah Jambu to Kg Salar - 2nd July
Royal portrait will be displayed at exhibition - 2nd July
Sultan shows the way - 3rd July
Sultan leads thousands in Walkathon Emas 60 - 3rd July
Their Majesties attend wedding - 3rd July
Their Majesties attend wedding - 3rd July
Brunei flag-raising ceremony in Tutong - 3rd July
His Majesty sends Independence Day greetings to Bush - 4th July
Loyal companies chip in for Sultan's birthday - 4th July
Rehearsal continues for the big day - 4th July
Shot in arm for Bandar - 5th July
Brunei to host Asean tug-of-war contest - 5th July
Tutong rehearses for His Majesty's birthday - 5th July
Belait District eyes six wins in a row - 5th July
Tutong monument for Sultan's birthday - 6th July
Temburong rehearses royal welcome - 6th July
Flag-raising for royal birthday - 6th July
Hotels all booked up - 7th July
Knowledge convention this month - 7th July
Resplendent roundabout - 7th July
Convention platform for intellects to exchange ideas - 7th July
Prince Mohamed attends Graduation ceremony - 8th July
HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah Challenge Trophy up for grabs - 8th July
Car park converted into festive ground - 8th July
Festive mood omnipresent on Belait streets - 8th July
Sengkurong joins royal festivities - 8th July
Temburong fiesta - 8th July
Her Royal Highness at Peepolykus show - 9th July
Royal b'day poster & Sutera book launched - 9th July
Crown Prince opens hotel, mall - 10th July
Crown Prince opens Rizqun Hotel, The Mall - 10th July
Sultan's granddaughters at story-telling competition - 10th July
Brunei-Muara, Tutong will battle for tug-of-war honour - 10th July
Istiadat Bersiram at Istana - 11th July
Mega events to spice up July and August - 11th July
Tutong readies for royal get-together - 11th July
Tutong District ready to greet His Majesty - 12th July
Jame 'Asr Mosque spruced up - 12th July
Exemplary festive stalls in Belait to be awarded - 12th July
Muara's beach carnival to enliven festivity - 12th July
BJFA to hold art exhibition to mark Sultan's Birthday - 12th July
Chinese acrobats set to thrill Brunei audiences - 12th July
Joint action against bird flu pandemic - 13th July
First day covers to mark Sultan's 60th birthday - 13th July
A number of roads will be closed July 15, say police - 13th July
NDP pays tribute to Sultan - 13th July
Congratulatory messages to France - 14th July
Commemorative coins for royal b'day - 14th July
Stage is set for Pameran Gemilang 60 - 14th July
Brunei's day of great joy - 15th July
His Majesty attends thanksgiving prayers - 15th July
Don't neglect obligations during festivities: official - 15th July
Sultan's outstanding leadership lauded - 15th July
Foreign media flocks to cover Royal birthday festivities - 15th July
Heads of state, envoys send greetings - 15th July
New stamps launched for Royal birthday - 15th July
Band gears up for 'Bersama Rakyat' - 15th July
Sultan's ex-classmates recall fond memories - 15th July
The Yayasan - symbol of His Majesty's generosity for people of Brunei - 15th July
Payrise in His Majesty's Service - 16th July
His Majesty awards titles, medals to 56 - 16th July
Birthday bonanza from His Majesty - 16th July
Thousands gahter at Taman for Sultan's Birthday parade - 16th July
Nation Celebrates Sultan's 6th Birthday - 16th July
Show of affection from locals & foreigners alike - 16th July
60th Birthday banquet - 16th July
Breakfast with His Majesty - 17th July
Royal audience to foreign dignitaries - 17th July
Royal breakfast with Asean leaders - 17th July
Govt responsibilities to be showcased in Gemilang 60 - 17th July
Pay rise brings cheers to public - 17th July
July 15 babies awarded prizes - 17th July
Festivity unlike any other - 17th July
Capital of feast, fun & festivities - 17th July
Belait District springs to life - 17th July
Royal b'day banquet for uniformed personnel - 18th July
Tutong's tribute to His Majesty - 18th July
Tutong's symbol of strength & unity - 18th July
Residents thrilled by royal visit to Tutong - 18th July
Tattoo tickets on sale again - 18th July
1,200 students at rehearsal for Get-Together with His Majesty - 18th July
Sultan greeted by Tutong well-wishers - 18th July
Sultan sends condolence message to Yudhoyono, death toll nearing 350 - 19th July
Temburong set to welcome His Majesty with open arms - 19th July
Bazaar, games and cultural show by Mukim Kilanas Consultative Council - 19th July
Brunei-Muara rehearses royal greetings - 19th July
Beauty contest for Pasar Ria stalls - 19th July
Belait set for fabulous performance - 19th July
Temburong greets Sultan - 20th July
District's diverse groups come together to greet His Majesty - 20th July
Sultan visits Temburong Cultural Exhibition - 20th July
Bangar basks in royal delight and adoration - 20th July
More projects to enhance life in Temburong - 20th July
International Tattoo excitement builds up - 20th July
Call to uphold sovereignty - 21st July
Sultan opens Majlis Ilmu & exhibition - 21st July
MajlEx exhibits must-see for all - 21st July
Final full-dress rehearsal for Sunday get-together - 21st July
RBAF rehearses for International Tattoo - 21st July
KB dresses up to greet His Majesty - 22nd July
Big contingent ready for Tattoo show - 22nd July
Briefing for Brunei International Tattoo - 22nd July
Royal birthday singing contest - 22nd July
Tattoo roadshow in 4 districts on Sunday - 22nd July
KB's right royal tribute - 23rd July
Congratulatory messages to Egypt on occasion of National Day - 23rd July
Show of unity at KB's Padang Bandaran - 23rd July
Brunei-Muara all set to greet His Majesty - 23rd July
Tickets required for entry to BIT - 23rd July
Police hold thanksgiving ceremony - 23rd July
Greetings from the heart of the capital - 24th July
Triumphant folk dances mark royal birthday - 24th July
His Majesty visits 5 exhibitions - 24th July
His Majesty's granddaughter visits knowledge exhibition - 24th July
Limited edition stamps unveiled - 24th July
Thrilling Tattoo stunts in Belait - 24th July
Preview of Wushu in coming Brunei Tattoo - 24th July
Languai among exquisite pesambah from Mukims - 24th July
Voices behind the vibrant parade - 24th July
Diplomatic corps banquet for Sultan - 25th July
Sultan attends birthday banquet by diplomatic corps - 25th July
Tattoo preview a hit in the capital - 25th July
Crown Prince receives outgoing India envoy - 26th July
His Majesty confers State decorations on 344 - 27th July
Sultan hands out 344 state medals - 27th July
Top local shutterbugs, artists awarded in national competitions - 27th July
Closing date for HM B'day Songs Contest today - 27th July
Bands fine-tune for royal guard of honour - 27th July
Spectators in safe hands at BIT - 27th July
UK band to join Tattoo performance - 27th July
Enchanting spectacle of 'Beauty & Strength' - 27th July
Local food and products exhibition in Bandar - 27th July
Support local products, consumers told - 27th July
Japanese fireworks unit, firm call on Ambassador to Brunei - 27th July
CNN's biz star to take part in 23rd EAIC - 27th July
His Majesty feted in RBAF banquet - 28th July
RBAF hosts royal birthday banquet - 28th July
Behind the scenes at BIT rehearsal - 28th July
Agriculture fever hits Temburong - 28th July
Grand tattoo show today - 29th July
Belait Healthy Baby winners awarded - 29th July
Double celebration in Belait - 29th July
KL comedians perform skit at Kianggeh - 29th July
Dress rehearsal for BIT 2006 - 29th July
Sleepless in Brunei? No way says guide-book - 29th July
Royal audience for heads of delegation - 30th July
Royal audience at the grand tattoo - 30th July
Royal messages to Morroco - 30th July
Royal Birthday celebrations in full swing - 30th July
Colourful tribute to His Majesty - 31st July
Melaka team gasing champion this year - 31st July
Head of foreign contingents visit MajlEx 2006 - 31st July
A purr-fect way to celebrate - 31st July
Beach fest attracts hundreds of visitors - 31st July
Belait Water Sports Fest attracts hundreds - 31st July
Royal audience to Cambodian Armed Forces chief - 1st Aug
New laws to power insurance industry - 1st Aug
Exhibitions at ICC extended to August 11 - 1st Aug
6 Asean tug-of-war contingents arrive - 1st Aug
Singing contest at Taman Mini Belalong - 1st Aug
St James' School wins arch display contest - 1st Aug
Night of music and magic - 1st Aug
Tutong sways to Poco-Poco beat - 1st Aug
Royal concern over youth exploitation - 2nd Aug
Going global with halal products - 2nd Aug
BIT leaves no room for disappointment - 2nd Aug
BIT 2006 the biggest ever - 2nd Aug
Mukim Berakas 'A' holds get-together - 2nd Aug
KDI stars to perform at Belait Mega Concert - 2nd Aug
Kudos for electrifying Tattoo shows - 3rd Aug
Enjoy a lavish and fun-filled weekend - 3rd Aug
Starry night at Belait Mega Concert - 3rd Aug
BIT 2006 ends on a high note - 3rd Aug
Positive feedback from crowd & participants - 3rd Aug
Brunei to consider peace monitors, aid for Lebanon - 4th Aug
Rehearsing for Malam Serumpun - 4th Aug
Penterama show sends strong message - 4th Aug
All roads lead to Taman Saturday - 4th Aug
Brunei, Malaysia to battle it out in tug-of-war final - 4th Aug
Tutong to host high octane 4x4 Race - 5th Aug
Kg Tanah Jambu to hold 'Fiesta 60' - 5th Aug
Empire Hotel attempts world record with giant Malay Kueh display - 5th Aug
Spectacular 60 - 6th Aug
'Malam Serumpun Seri 60' a tribute to His Majesty - 6th Aug
Float procession lights up capital - 6th Aug
Royalty treated to colourful extravaganza - 7th Aug
'Malam Serumpun Seri 60' committee, participants feted - 7th Aug
60 join Anduki RC boat race - 7th Aug
BLNG tops float procession - 7th Aug
Brunei halal sector gets a royal boost - 8th Aug
Sultan opens world halal expo - 8th Aug
Royal audience to Omani official - 8th Aug
Prince Mohamed lauds Asean youth - 8th Aug
Flag-lowering ceremony at city square - 8th Aug
Belait Chinese community pays tribute to Sultan - 8th Aug
Local businesses promote products at IHP Expo 2006 - 8th Aug
Capital swept by sound of music - 8th Aug
Crown Prince officiates foundation-laying ceremony - 9th Aug
Congratulatory messages on occasion of S'pore's National Day - 9th Aug
Ambassador-at-Large hosts luncheon for Omani official - 9th Aug
Brunei halal industry ready to go global - 9th Aug
Cultural show, 'gerai ria' at Bunut primary school - 9th Aug
Cultural show, 'gerai ria' at Bunut primary school - 10th Aug
Royal audiences to foreign diplomats and chief minister - 10th Aug
His Majesty's grandchildren take part in choir finals - 10th Aug
Royal call to uphold teaching profession - 11th Aug
Royalty at flower show - 11th Aug
Botanical fair opens at Rizqun - 11th Aug
Society responsible for upkeep of environment - 11th Aug
DBP contests winners during Majlis Ilmu receive prizes - 11th Aug
Princess stresses on the importance of child safety - 12th Aug
Concert tonight to draw large crowd - 12th Aug
His Majesty at 'Concert Dirgahayu Emas' - 13th Aug
Royal Affair at grand Concert Dirgahayu Emas - 13th Aug
Over 60,000 visit 'King, Protector of the Nation' - 14th Aug
Winners of National Classic Raft Festival - 14th Aug
Handicrafts Exhibition and Competition, Flower Arrangement and Culinary Show - 14th Aug
Royal audience to outgoing envoy - 15th Aug
Rehearsals for Royal Thanksgiving Ceremony - 15th Aug
More houses for masses - 16th Aug
Sultan awards citizens land lots, house keys - 16th Aug
Royal messages for Indonesia's 61st Independence Day - 17th Aug
Royal audience to new Cambodian Ambassador - 17th Aug
Sultan attends thanksgiving ceremony - 18th Aug
Sultan at thanksgiving ceremony - 18th Aug
BLNG Carnival next week - 18th Aug
Tutong motor carnival begins August 25 - 18th Aug
His Majesty attends RBPF banquet - 20th Aug
RBPF hosts banquet for His Majesty - 20th Aug
Eat healthy to live healthy - 21st Aug
Battle of kites at Tungku Beach - 21st Aug
Agri fair promotes entrepreneurship among PITA members - 21st Aug
Royal call to follow Isra' Me'raj teachings - 22nd Aug
Sultan at Isra' Me'raj celebration - 22nd Aug
His Majesty to make working visit to M'sia - 22nd Aug
Royalty at Israk Mikraj celebration - 22nd Aug
International Kite Festival 2006 wraps up - 22nd Aug
Sultan in M'sia for talks - 24th Aug
Farewell to His Majesty - 24th Aug
Royalty at Istiadat Malam Berbedak - 24th Aug
Her Majesty at Istiadat Malam Berbedak - 24th Aug
Brunei troops to join M'sia in Lebanon - 25th Aug
Be prepared to face any disaster - 25th Aug
Outstanding students awarded - 25th Aug
Forging closer ties with consortium - 26th Aug
His Majesty joins the Sultan of Terengganu on horse riding session - 26th Aug
Sultan concludes Terengganu visit - 26th Aug
Royalty at 'Majlis Berinai' - 27th Aug
Royal audience - 27th Aug
Audience at Bukit Kayangan - 27th Aug
Royals grace Berinai ceremony - 27th Aug
Their Majesties attend wedding ceremony - 28th Aug
Prince Sufri kicks off Asian Games Fun Run - 28th Aug
Crown Prince visits MinDef Directorate - 29th Aug
Crown Prince visits MinDef Directorate - 29th Aug
Crown Prince visits Directorate of Training - 29th Aug
Royal messages for Malaysia - 31st Aug
Crown Prince launches Pesta Konvo - 1st Sept
Congratulatory messages to Republic of Vietnam - 2nd Sept
Her Majesty urges greater care for children - 2nd Sept
Entrusted to uphold monarchy - 3rd Sept
Sultan at thanksgiving ceremony - 3rd Sept
Royal audience for Malaysian Commander - 3rd Sept
Prince Mohamed for China - 3rd Sept
Prince Mohamed arrives in Beijing for 8-day visit - 4th Sept
Committee set up to review higher learning institutions - 5th Sept
HM graces UBD's 18th Convocation - 5th Sept
Doctorate for Crown Prince - 5th Sept
Crown Prince presents certificates to 346 graduates - 5th Sept
Brunei, China tourism pact - 6th Sept
Best float winners awarded - 6th Sept
Prince calls on state councillor - 7th Sept
Princess Masna graces Women Police shooting competition - 7th Sept
HRH Prince General visits Mindef - 8th Sept
Crown Prince visits Bolkiah Garrison - 8th Sept
Prince Mohamed arrives in Shanghai - 8th Sept
His Majesty's Ramadhan dates for subjects - 8th Sept
Prince Mohamed meets Mayor - 9th Sept
Princess Masna attends Peace Day celebration - 9th Sept
Prince Mohamed in Hong Kong - 10th Sept
Asem tackles trade, security - 11th Sept
Sultanate's role in international arena lauded - 12th Sept
Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah urges assessment of best athletes - 12th Sept
People's insecurity feeding extremism - 13th Sept
Deputy Sultan visits MIPR - 15th Sept
Royal update on economic diversification - 15th Sept
Prince in Cuba as Sultan's Special Envoy - 16th Sept
Deputy Sultan tours MIPR - 17th Sept
Deputy Sultan continues visit to MIPR - 17th Sept
Prince at NAM opening - 17th Sept
No debate needed on NAM's significance - 18th Sept
Success lies in harnessing ICT - 19th Sept
Crown Prince presents BICTA awards - 20th Sept
Crown Prince awards 19 BICTA winners - 20th Sept
In knowledge lies truth - 21st Sept
Audience to M'sian royalty - 21st Sept
Royal luncheon at Pantai Restaurant - 21st Sept
Their Royal Highnesses arrive in NY - 21st Sept
Monarch must be multi-faceted person - 21st Sept
Teachers axis of education system - 22nd Sept
Sultan awards 11 outstanding teachers - 22nd Sept
Sultan congratulates Japan's new PM - 28th Sept
Sultan bestows title on wife of Prince Sufri - 29th Sept
Royal messages to China - 1st Oct
New work culture for Civil Service - 1st Oct
Crown Prince graces Civil Service Day celebration - 1st Oct
Royal messages for Republic of Korea and Germany - 3rd Oct
Thanksgiving ceremony for Her Majesty's birthday - 8th Oct
Sultan announces pension rate hike - 10th Oct
Royalty grace Nuzul Al-Quran ceremony - 10th Oct
Pensioners thank caring monarch - 11th Oct
Royal messages for Spain's National Day - 12th Oct
Dinner for Royalty - 12th Oct
Istana Nurul Iman open for three days - 23th Oct
Message from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - 23th Oct
Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on Tuesday - 23th Oct
Rejoice - with a pinch of salt - 24th Oct
Hari Raya brightest, most meaningful event - 24th Oct
His Majesty attends Aidilfitri prayers - 26th Oct
All roads lead to Nurul Iman - 26th Oct
Festive greetings from near, far - 26th Oct
Sultan greets state dignitaries, envoys - 26th Oct
102,599 visitors at Istana - 28th Oct
Istana still busy on last day of open house - 28th Oct
Sultan at Royal Mausoleum - 29th Oct
Princess Masna leaves for Nanning - 29th Oct
Sultan arrives in China - 30th Oct
Princess Masna to officiate Women's Forum - 30th Oct
Closer China-Asean ties - 31st Oct
Princess Masna visits Nanning kindergarten - 31st Oct
Brunei, China eye trade boost - 1st Nov
Sultan tours Brunei Pavilion - 1st Nov
Sultan at Welcome Banquet in Nanning - 1st Nov
His Majesty highlights 'wonderful voyage' of China-Asean friendship - 1st Nov
Building bridges with China-Asean Women's Forum - 1st Nov
Their Royal Highnesses in Manila - 2nd Nov
Crown Prince arrives in Manila - 2nd Nov
Princess Masna visits Kunming - 3rd Nov
Her Majesty lauds Girl Guides' progress - 4th Nov
Her Majesty's Birthday celebration - 5th Nov
Royalty at Baiduri's Malam Silaturahim - 5th Nov
Audience to new envoys - 7th Nov
Sultan grants audience to new envoys - 7th Nov
Thrilling win for Crown Prince - 7th Nov
Prince meets Myanmar Deputy Minister - 8th Nov
Royal messages for Cambodia's Independence Day - 9th Nov
Sultan in talks with Thai PM - 10th Nov
Crown Prince awarded 'Order of Lakandula' - 10th Nov
Crown Prince concludes Manila visit - 11th Nov
Royal call to preserve Brunei's unique identity - 15th Nov
Sultan at YSHHB Raya ceremony - 15th Nov
Sultan leaves for Hanoi to attend Apec Summit - 17th Nov
His Majesty arrives in Hanoi - 18th Nov
Royal congratulatory message - 18th Nov
Tap the gains of globalisation - 18th Nov
His Majesty attends Apec Summit - 19th Nov
Dialogue, education key to promote religious tolerance - 20th Nov
Her Majesty grants audience to delegation heads - 20th Nov
Audience to SSEAYP delegates - 21st Nov
Sultan grants audience to SSEAYP heads - 21st Nov
Royal audience to new envoys - 21st Nov
Sultan grants audience to China's top justice - 22nd Nov
Sultan grants audience - 24th Nov
Royal audience to new envoys - 24th Nov
Prince receives new envoys - 24th Nov
His Majesty receives Singapore Minister in audience - 26th Nov
Royal plaudits for private schools - 28th Nov
Crown Prince officiates new PGGMB complex - 28th Nov
Audience, dinner for Asean EPG - 29th Nov
Royal audience to intending haj pilgrims - 29th Nov
Prince hosts dinner for Asean EPG - 29th Nov
Princess launches APA Environmental Forum - 29th Nov
Royal audience to intending haj pilgrims - 29th Nov
His Majesty hosts Malaysian Agong on farewell visit - 30th Nov
Sultan hosts dinner for M'sian royalty - 30th Nov
Royalty bid Malaysian Agong farewell - 1st Dec
Royal farewell to Yang DiPertuan Agong XII - 1st Dec
Royal messages to Laos, UAE - 2nd Dec
Sultan sends condolences to the Philippines - 4th Dec
Royal messages to Thailand - 5th Dec
HRH opens Nursing conference - 5th Dec
Majestic tribute on the waterfront - 6th Dec
Prince Mohamed fetes Saudi princes - 6th Dec
Monument for His Majesty on Waterfront - 6th Dec
His Majesty receives Saudi Prince - 7th Dec
Crown Prince launches Baiduri's platinum card - 12th Dec
Message from His Majesty - 14th Dec
Audience with Crown Prince - 15th Dec
Royal congratulatory messages to Bahrain on National Day - 16th Dec
Sultan grants audience to Iranian envoy - 17th Dec
Royalty at BSLA get-together - 17th Dec
Sultan's condolences for family of late Permanent Secretary - 20th Dec
Farewell audience to Iranian envoy - 20th Dec
Crown Prince visits MIPR sectors, project sites in Belait and Tutong - 21st Dec
MIPR receives Crown Prince - 21st Dec
Royal congratulatory message to Japan - 23rd Dec
HRH launches Trick Shot Competition - 23rd Dec
Vigilance on devious teachings - 31st Dec
Vigilance on devious teachings - 1st Jan 07
Sultan at prayers - 1st Jan 07
Sultan attends Korban ceremony - 1st Jan 07