Belait District springs to life
By Liza Mohd

A number of events and activities to celebrate His Majesty's 60th birthday kicked-off yesterday, marking the start of a month-long celebration.

The festivity offers a platform for small and medium entrepreneurs to showcase their latest products and services to the public.

In the Belait District, the Gerai Perayaan is currently ongoing at Tudong Saji Kuala Belait.

Stall operators were busy setting up their stalls as early as 4 pm yesterday in preparation for a great turnout of visitors.

Shortly after 6.30 pm, a large number of people started pouring into the Tudong Saji in search of popular food items including 'satay,' 'sotong tumbuk,' barbequed chicken and 'ikan salai.'

Apart from the wide selection of food and drinks on sale, dozens of stalls are offering clothes, decorative items, furniture and women's accessories.

This year sees 32 stalls selling food and drinks, 56 vendors dealing in clothes and accessories, 48 mobile stall vendors, and nine stalls offering live flowers and fresh fruits.

The stalls operate from 5 pm to midnight.

As a form of motivation to operators, prizes will later be awarded to exemplary stalls based on cleanliness, strategy and decorations.

Meanwhile, festive lightings have added colour to the Belait Gerai Perayaan, further enlivening the atmosphere. A stage has also been set up to host performances.

Every year the Gerai Perayaan attracts hundreds of visitors with its numerous stage performances.

The festive period in the district is also viewed as a means to attract tourists from neighbouring countries. - Borneo Bulletin (17th July 2006)