Car park converted into festive ground
By Jon Tampoi

The car park across the Royal Regalia building and in front of Sheraton Utama Hotel in the capital has been converted into a shopping bazaar and stage performance showcase in preparation events marking His Majesty's 60th Birthday celebrations.

The yearly venue is being selected due to its nature as a central location and suitability. The place will be the venue for local vendors setting up seasonal businesses at the set locations that had been prepared with numerous tents.

Businesses would include eateries and fast food outlets, clotheswear and luxury items as well as entertainment products.

A temporary stage has been erected as the centre of attraction at the car park. Several forms of evening entertainment throughout the celebration will be performed by various sections of the local and foreign community.

A booth for monitoring activities at the venue as well as temporary offices have also been set up. In addition, a temporary Surau has also been built, enabling staff at the venue and members of the public to perform their prayers in the vicinity. - Borneo Bulletin (8th July 2006)