Belait set for fabulous performance
By Azaraimy HH

Rehearsals for His Majesty the Sultan's Get-Together ceremony with the Rakyat Belait District were in full swing yesterday.

Thousands of people will take part in what would be colourful, rich and vivid shows of love and loyalty towards the beloved ruler who turned 60 last July 15.

Belait gave the best field performances in previous years and the district has plans to extend the reign with another scintillating show this year.

The largest of the country's four districts, Belait is also home to its major oil and gas industry, which could be found mainly in Seria and Lumut.

The Belait District has eight mukims in total with a population of around 70,000.

The mukims are KB, Seria, Sg Liang, Bukit Sawat, Labi, Sukang, Kuala Balai and Melilas.

At the rehearsals in Belait, various community members, students and local residents from almost every walk of life were busy polishing up on their performances and preparing to put on a grand show for the monarch.

Without revealing too much, it would not be wrong to say that the district looks set to hold a fabulous show of adoration and allegiance this Saturday.

Among those present to witness the progress yesterday were YAM Pg Lela Cheteria Sahibul Najabah Pg Anak Hj Abd Aziz, Pehin Dato Hj Adanan and Pehin Dato Hj Dani Hj Ibrahim. - Borneo Bulletin (19th July 2006)