KDI stars to perform at Belait Mega Concert
By Liza Mohd

The Konsert Dangdut Indonesia (KDI) Season Three's champion Lola together with Season Two's top ten contestants Devi and Fanny will sing at the Belait District's grand Mega Concert Gemilang Gemerlapan 60 Tuesday night in conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan's 60th birthday celebration.

The renowned artistes arrived in Brunei last Saturday and made a special appearance Monday evening in Padang Bandaran KB, where they belted out songs and danced to a rendition of the KDI's theme song, "Jadilah Bintang".

The Bulletin caught up with the top stars, who expressed their delight at having an opportunity to perform here for the first time and help enliven the festivities.

Since their arrival, they have visited Seria Town, Sultan Bolkiah Vocational School, Jefri Bolkiah College of Engineering, Tudong Saji and even the Gemilang 60 Exhibition.

They will be in Bandar Seri Begawan today to see the decorations as well as visit places of interest like the Istana Nurul Iman, Jerudong Park Playground and Kg Ayer.

At the concert, 19-year-old Lola will be singing songs made popular by the KDI Academy, such as "Gelisah" and "Mimpi Terindah".

Lola is also trying to get into the film industry, joining Devi, 24, and Fanny, 23, who play a couple in the Indonesian comedy series, "Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah, Bawang Bombay".

Devi and Fanny have already recorded an album entitled "KDI Season Two" and at the concert will perform "Penasaran", "Kenangan Terindah", "Kopi Dangdut", "Goyang Dompret", "Juur" and "Cucuk Rowo".

Belait residents will have a chance to witness their unique singing style and choreographed dance performances. A top Malaysian group called Gerhana SKA Cinta is also set to perform and thrill their teenage fans in the district.

Malaysian celebrity sisters Linda and Diana Raafar will add colour to the proceedings with their own performances, which are expected to draw over 30,000 people as in previous years.

Last Monday night featured local bands like D'Medley, Aroxter, The Mixture, Emverest and 1st Quarter. The mega concert will also see homegrown talents such as Malai Sany, 19, Nurul Izzah, 16, and Nor Fezilah, 23. - Borneo Bulletin (2nd August 2006)