CNN's biz star to take part in 23rd EAIC
By Kartika Rahman

As the largest and most important conference in the Asian insurance calendar, the 23rd East Asian Insurance Congress, brings in top senior executives from all over the East Asian region and beyond, Brunei in the next few days looks forward to welcoming many distinguished personalities from numerous countries and among them is none other than the renowned Lorraine Hahn.

Ms. Hahn, on her second visit to the Sultanate, has been invited to be a moderator during the morning of the first day where Mr Nicholas Walsh, Executive Vice President of AIG and President of American International Underwriters, will deliver a keynote address to over 900 senior delegates attending the conference. AIG is the largest insurance company in the world.

She enjoys an impressive and eventful career. Currently the host of CNN International's regional chat show, TALK ASIA; anchored the longest running global television programme on Asian business news, CNN'S BIZ ASIA; has experience as a reporter and interviewed many high profile public figures such as Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed - to name a few, among many achievements. She often moderates keynote addresses by world leaders throughout the region.

To many people, she is the embodiment of professionalism in the business and financial world; to others the former beauty queen (Miss Vancouver Chinatown, 1983) represents the best of womanhood - brains and beauty.

Her attendance in the 23rd EAIC and her experience are of immeasurable value to us and we thank her for supporting and showing confidence in us.

Ms. Hahn's familiarity with moderating, her previous experience of being a moderator for the National Business Conference 2005 in Brunei, is very welcome and will be instrumental in ensuring the Congress proceeds efficiently and benefit the participating delegates.

Additionally, her presence in Brunei adds considerably more distinction to the 23rd EAIC and our privilege of hosting it. - Borneo Bulletin (27th July 2006)