His Majesty checks on three Belait mukims
By Lyna Mohammad

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday flew down to Belait District to visit several mukims to check on the welfare and well being of His Majesty's subjects.

The visit began at Mukim Melilas, where His Majesty was greeted upon arrival by Minister of Home Affairs, Pehin Dato Awg Hj Adanan, and his deputy, Pehin Dato Awg Hj Dani.

Also present was Acting Belait District Officer, Awg Hj Mohammad Hj Abd Rahman, and Acting Penghulu of Mukim Melilas, Pehin Awg Hj Mohd Ali.

At Mukim Melilas, His Majesty consented to view a showcase of the community's handicrafts and took a closer look at the mukim's clinic and its facilities. The health clinic offers basic health services and residents living in outlying areas are visited regularly by medical services teams to monitor the health of the people.

From the health clinic, His Majesty, who pays due attention to the religious needs of his subjects, took a closer look at Mukim Melilas Religious Hall provided by the government.

His Majesty then proceeded to visit the Melilas Primary School to see the facilities provided by the school to its students. The primary school has achieved 100 per cent passes in the PCE examinations for the past three years.

His Majesty next flew to Mukim Sukang and headed to the Datu Maharaja Setia Dian Primary School.

Mukim Sukang Police Post then came under the scrutiny of His Majesty. From there, the ruler went to the mukim's health clinic to take a closer look at the facilities and medical services that are being provided.

The caring monarch then consented to stop by at the residence of Datu Maharaja Setia Mohammad Simpok, Penghulu of the mukim. Mukim Sukang is the largest mukim in Belait District with more than 600 residents comprising three races -- Dusuns, Ibans and Punans. In the past, it was only accessible by river but is now also accessible by land.

The Punan Longhouse was next on His Majesty's itinerary and prior to crossing a river to the longhouse, His Majesty tried his hands at using a blowpipe, used by the local community for hunting.

The mukim's newly completed multi-purpose hall was the next stop during the visit. This building that cost more than $500,000 has six rooms and represents a part of the development project in the rural areas.

His Majesty then took everyone by surprise when he decided to drive to Mukim Labi instead of the scheduled helicopter flight to experience and take a closer look at the road conditions. But due to soggy road conditions caused by recent rains, halfway through the trip, His Majesty boarded the helicopter to reach Labi.

Landing at the Rampayoh Primary School, His Majesty looked at the facilities and then visited the Teraja Longhouse. It is led by its chief Awg Jamit anak Lasah and has 60 occupants who are mostly self-employed while some work with the public and private sectors.

His Majesty also stopped at the Mendaram Besar Longhouse that is occupied by more than 70 people under the leadership of Awg Berandi anak Jamau.

The paddy planting area at Lot Sengkuang, which is the largest paddy project carried out by the mukim and Village Consultative Council with the assistance of the Agricultural Department, was the next place His Majesty visited.

Mukim Labi is divided into two zones; Labi I and Labi II and during the visit, His Majesty consented to stop over at the Village Head of Kg Labi I, Awg Hj Abdullah Idris, and also at the residence of Village Head of Kg Labi II, Awg Hj Kamarhan Hj Atma.

His Majesty concluded his working visit at the Labi Multi-purpose hall with a luncheon and get-together session with orphans, residents and senior citizens of Mukim Labi. - Borneo Bulletin (24th Jan 2006)