Tutong to host high octane 4x4 Race
By Mohammad Abdullah

Heavy duty off-road machines are being tuned and primed for the exciting 4x4 Race which will be held in Bukit Bendera in the Tutong District this Sunday, as the event promises to thrill participants and spectators alike.

The 4x4 Race, which will be held in several categories and events, is being organised by the Tutong 4WD association in conjunction with His Majesty's 60th Birthday celebrations.

The event will start at 8.30am on Sunday. So far, twenty-nine local participants and fifteen participants from Bintulu Sarawak have already registered for the 4x4 events.

The organiser meanwhile said that there are still some openings for the events.

"It's my first time participating in such a race. It's exciting, and I don't think I did so badly," said a participant in the Ford Ranger sprint. "I had two practice runs before the final heat. Hopefully I can do better on Sunday."

Members of the public are welcome to view the spectacular 4x4 race in Tutong, and those who wish to participate in the event are more than welcome to test their skills in competition. - Borneo Bulletin (5th August 2006)