A number of roads will be closed July 15, say police
By Dk Suria Rina PHA

The Royal Brunei Police announced that several roads in the capital would be closed on July 15, to accommodate the parade marking His Majesty's 60th birthday.

"Several roads leading to the capital will be closed to the public, and only VVIPs, invited guests with car passes issued by the Jabatan Adat Istiadat Negara, as well as buses transporting students (to and from the parade ground) will be allowed through," said the Operation Officer at the Investigation/Traffic Department, Royal Brunei Police, Inspector Hj Meramit bin Hj Saban during a press conference yesterday.

The roads would be closed in two "stages", Inspector Hj Meramit added.

Stage one will be from 7am, and involved roads stretching from the Jalan Tutong junction in front of the Ba'adiah Building: the Jalan Tutong/Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Highway junction near the Brunei Court complex; the Jalan Tutong/Jalan Dato Basir junction in front of the fire station; the Jalan Stoney/Jalan Tasek Lama junction in front of the Terrace Hotel; the Jalan Bendahara/Jalan Kg Berangan junction near the Sheraton Utama Hotel; the Jalan Elizabeth II/Jalan Kianggeh junction near the Chinese temple; the Jalan Pemancha/Jalan Kianggeh junction near the Brunei Hotel; the Jalan Cato/Jalan Kianggeh junction in front of the Britannia House; and the Jalan McArthur/Jalan Kianggeh/Jalan Residency traffic light junction in front of the Jasra Harrison building.

Meanwhile, stage two would start at 8.20am, and involves the stretch of roads at junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Telanai; the junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Istana Darul Hana; the junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Pengiran Babu Raja; the junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Cempaka; the junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Maktab Perguruan Ugama (the Religious Teachers' College link road); and the junction of Jalan Tutong/Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja.

The closures would also include all roads leading to Jalan Tutong, that is from the Istana Nurul Iman until the Jalan Tutong/Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja junction, said Inspector Hj Meramit.

All the roads would be closed for some 30 to 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, those who wish to go to Kg Sungai Lampai, Pelambayan and Kota Batu can go via Jalan Gadong, the Jame'Asr roundabout, the Jame'Asr roundabout/Pusar Ulak/Jalan Tasek Lama/Jalan Kianggeh link road, and Jalan Residency.

Guests attending the royal parade are advised to park their cars accordingly, Inspector Hj Meramit said. The guests may park their cars along Jalan Elizabeth II, while those with car passes should park at the areas assigned, namely:

Pass A: the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah car park; pass B: the car park in front of the Lapau building; pass C: the car park in front of the Royal Regalia Building; pass D: the car park of former Public Service Commission building; pass E: the Dewan Majlis/Lapau car park at Jalan Kianggeh; pass F: the Pusat Komersil/Multi-Storied car park; pass G: the PGGMB building multi-storied car park; pass H: the old Customs and Excise building car park at Jalan McArthur; pass I: the Syariah High Court car park; pass J: the Municipal Department car park, next to TAIB; and pass K: The Electrical Department parking area, Jalan Elizabeth.

Members of the public who wish to watch the parade are advised to park their cars along Jalan Kianggeh, Jalan Residency and Jalan Istana Darussalam.

Inspector Hj Meramit mentioned that participants in the parade will be dropped off at Jalan Sumbiling, in front of the RTB building; at Jalan Bendahara/Jalan Stoney, in front of the Terrace Hotel; at Jalan Kumbang Pasang, in front of St.George's School; and at Jalan Dato Haji Basir. "This is to avoid road congestion along Jalan Tutong leading to the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar 'Ali Saifuddien," he said.

Inspector Hj Meramit also reminded invited guests attending the royal banquet that night, roads leading to the palace will be closed starting at 7pm. He called upon members of the public to give their "utmost" cooperation during the event, and to obey all police instructions. - Borneo Bulletin (13th July 2006)