Royalty at BSLA get-together
By Sonia K.

Her Majesty Paduka Seri Baginda Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha and Her Royal Highness Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar last night consented to grace the Brunei Shell Ladies Association (BSLA) get-together function at the Songket Ballroom of Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong.

Also present were HRH Princess Hjh Masna and HRH Princess Hjh Amal Umi Kalthum Al-Islam.

The function commenced with a speech by BSLA President Datin Paduka Dayang Hjh Hayati binti Pehin Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Salleh.

In her speech, Datin Hayati highlighted the opening of BSLA's Head Office on June 4, 2006 at G17 Seria, named "An-Nur Bahjah", which means 'kegemilangan' in Malay (glory in English).

This office will act as an operational centre for BSLA and will assist the members to plan and execute the Association's activities more systematically, she said.

She added that one of BSLA's objectives was to enhance the professionalism of women and youth in the Sultanate. In relation to this, BSLA recently participated in the 18th Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme Forum, which carried the theme "Strengthening Cooperation Towards Youth Development".

Other activities of BSLA that were successfully carried out this year included a religious talk by Dato Dr Ismail Kamus, Hari Raya gathering with the Belait orphanage as well as health talks on women related diseases.

This was followed by a video presentation that highlighted the patronage of Her Majesty to the association's activities since its inception four years ago.

Later, Her Majesty and HRH Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar consented to receive 'pesambah', which included rare orchids and a BSLA memorial book. The 'pesambah' were presented by Datin Paduka Hjh Hayati.

The night was filled with colourful performances including dance routines by the Gerak Budaya BSP dancers, ballet by children from Panaga Club as well as performances by local and foreign artistes. There was also a Brunei bridal costume on Malam Berpacar.

The highlight of the entertainment was the presentation of a 'teledra' that was accompanied by a song specially composed for the event entitled "Kain Bunga Tabur".

At the end of the event, Her Majesty, HRH Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar and other members of royal family consented to receive a 'junjung ziarah' from members of the association. (17th Dec 2006)