Tutong's symbol of strength & unity
By Za'im Zaini

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday unveiled a monument constructed in conjunction with His Majesty's 60th birthday celebrations at the Tutong District community hall.

The theme of the monument is 'Bangsaku Negaraku Teguh Bersatu', which highlights the peace and prosperity, strength of the economy and the unity of the people under the leadership of His Majesty.

The design concept is based on items reflecting Brunei's cultural heritage.

The '29 Buah Tiang' symbolises the country under the rule of the 29th Sultan, the 'Beduk reflects the relationship between the people and the development of 'Islam', the 'Tekiding', 'Lasok' and 'Nyiru' signify the craftsmanship of Bruneians and their utilisation in padi cultivation that contributes to the economy, the 'Gulingtangan', a set of traditional musical instruments, symbolises the nation's rich culture, the garden and landscape signify the importance of the environment, and a map of Brunei with a globe focusing on Tutong District with the number '60' depicts the peace and prosperity of Brunei under His Majesty's rule.

The monument also represents the people's love and adoration for His Majesty. Government agencies, schools, private companies and individuals from Tutong District contributed to the construction of the monument.

Apart from unveiling the monument, His Majesty also toured an exhibition at the 'Dewan Seri Kenangan'. - Borneo Bulletin (18th July 2006)