Govt responsibilities to be showcased in Gemilang 60
By Liza Mohd

'Safety and Traffic Control'; 'Control, Prevention and Enforcement'; 'The Economy'; 'Public Amenities and Infrastructure'; 'Community'; 'Emergency and Public Harmony'; and 'Religion' will be the main themes profiling the government sector in the Belait District's grand exposition called the 'Pameran Gemilang 60' (Glorious 60 Exhibition).

The availability of a wide array of useful information under one roof is an opportunity not to be missed by members of the public. The exhibition will help them to better understand the roles played, as well as the responsibilities of, the many government departments.

The Pameran Gemilang 60 - to be held at the Padang Bandaran - will be open in the afternoon of the day of His Majesty's "get-together" with the rakyat in the Belait district, on July 22.

It will go on until July 31.

The 'Safety and Traffic Control' area will feature exhibits by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), the Third Battalion of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (3rd BN RBAF) and the Land Transport Department (LTD).

The Royal Brunei Police will display traffic accident statistics in the district, as well as the equipment they use to aid them in their duties. The 3rd BN RBAF will showcase weapons used in their operations, and photographs of their civic undertakings in the Belait district.

Meanwhile, the LTD will highlight the safety aspects of a vehicle as stipulated by legislation.

The 'Control, Prevention and Enforcement' exhibit will be presented by the Immigration and National Registration Department; the Royal Customs and Excise Department; the Narcotics Control Bureau; the Anti-Corruption Bureau; and the Labour Department.

The 'Public Amenities and Infrastructures' exhibit will take up the biggest chunk of the government exhibition in the Pameran Gemilang 60. It will showcase presentations by the Town and Country Planning Department; the Land Department; the Survey Department; the Public Works Department; the Electrical Services Department; the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Departments; the Housing Department; the Belait District Office; the Postal Services Department; and the Environment, Parks and Recreation Department.

Each of the department afore-mentioned will highlight their role and responsibilities as part of the government administrative machinery in the Belait district.

The 'B' Operation of the Fire Services and Rescue Department in the Belait district and the Medical Services of the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital will elaborate on their functions in the 'Emergency and Public Harmony' exhibit.

There will be also an exhibit on 'The Economy' by the Marine Department; the Port Department; the Brunei Industrial Development Agency (BINA); the Forestry Department; the Agriculture Department; and the Fisheries Department.

This exhibit will provide updates on the BIMP-EAGA, the number of visitors to the two Forest Recreation Park at Sungai Liang and Luagan Lalak (23,854 and 1,778 visitors respectively in 2005) and contributions by the Fisheries, Port and Marine Departments to local industry.

The Agriculture Department will illustrate the transformation of the local agricultural sector into a dynamic and very commercialised agribusiness.

The 'Religion' booth will showcase the strong presence of Islamic values in the Belait district, which will include the widening reach of Islam, based on the number of new Muslim converts. It will also highlight on the activities aimed at upholding the religion.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the Pameran Gemilang 60, which is the first of its kind to be held in the Belait district. This is part of the government's initiative to disseminate the latest and accurate information on their operations to the public. - Borneo Bulletin (17th July 2006)