Tutong sways to Poco-Poco beat
By Lyna Mohamad

As part of the celebrations to mark His Majesty's 60th birthday, the Indonesian Embassy has sent a cultural troupe to participate in an International Cultural Night held in the Tutong District.

The Indonesian embassy's cultural troupe, represented by the Indonesian Women Association under the coordination of Mdm Rimah Herijanto, performed a number of dances and songs.

Present to witness the performance were the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Dato Hj Idris Hj Belaman, Tutong District Officer Awg Hj Mutalib Hj Idris, Indonesian's Ambassador Mr Herijanto Soeprapto as well as members from the diplomatic community in the country.

Among the performances at the colourful and vibrant evening were a Balinese dance called the "Payembrana", a dance from Central Java "Sumyar" and dangdut songs. The evening also saw a performance of the famous Indonesian Line Dance - Poco-Poco.

While the Poco-Poco dance was performed, diplomats and their spouses were also invited to come up on stage and join in the dance that captivated the audience who was seemingly surprised to see them dance the Poco-Poco perfectly.

According to the ambassador's spouse, the Poco-Poco dance originated from the eastern part of Indonesia, specifically from the city of Menado.

She said those who regularly practise the Poco-Poco dance 45 minutes a day could reduce their body fat.

There are other line dances in Indonesia that are similar to Poco-Poco such as the Sajojo and Tebe-Tebe. She also added that the Indonesian embassy holds the Poco-Poco dance practices every Friday afternoon at the embassy's premises. - Borneo Bulletin (1st August 2006)