Positive feedback from crowd & participants
By James Kon

People just couldn't seem to get enough of the impressive Military Tattoo performances by 13 countries in BIT 2006 as the show concluded in front of a sold-out Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, Tuesday evening.

After the final performances, many said that they would love to witness such a large-scale performance again soon.

Mrs Jan Hamilton, who witnessed the show a second time on Tuesday evening said, "Absolutely, I would like to watch the Brunei International Tattoo again soon because the military performance was exceptionally good and it attracted a huge crowd."

This was not the first time Mrs Hamilton had witnessed a military performance - she had seen numerous tattoo performances in Edinburgh, Scotland. She also mentioned that the Chinese and the British performances were her favourite.

In another interview with two brothers, Awg Hj Rosli and Omar Ali bin Hj Mohd Daud, they also said that the success of this year's Military Tattoo performance should carry on to next year.

They said the show was very good and had attracted thousands to the stadium in the last four days. Besides the home contingent, Hj Rosli and Omar Ali said that the Philippines and Chinese contingents gave amazing performances.

On the field, Lt Commander Phillip Anderson, the bandmaster of Royal Australian Navy Band said, "We will definitely come back if there is an opportunity."

"We have never felt so welcomed in any country before," he said, adding that the Royal Brunei Armed Forces had done a great job.

For the home contingent, Anuar bin Abdullah, the RBAF Bandmaster said that it was an exciting experience to cooperate and perform with so many different countries. He said it also provided him with the opportunity to meet up with his old friends from several military bands.

He said BIT 2006 would be a memorable performance for him personally as he was scheduled to retire by July next year.

He also added that he felt proud that some of his songs were played during the performances. - Borneo Bulletin (3rd August 2006)