His Majesty to lead birthday walkathon
By Suria Rina PHA

"His Majesty along with other royal entourage will participate in Walkathon Emas 60 on Sunday to mark the Sultan's 60th birthday," said Md Irwan Bin Hj Hambali, Deputy Superintendent, Acting Director Department of Traffic Investigation and Control.

The Deputy Superintendent said the walkathon at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien in the capital will start at 8am with a mass aerobics session.

"There will be two separate groups for men and women.

For men, the route covered during the walkathon will be 3.8 km or 2.4 miles long.

For women, the route will be 3.3km or 2.1 miles long.

Fourteen roads will be closed during the event.

They are:

Simpang 3 lampu isyarat Jalan Tutong/Jalan Dato Basir;

Simpang Jalan Dato Haji Basir;

Simpang 4 lampu isyarat Jalan Beribi Kiulap/Jalan Dato Haji Basir;

Simpang 3 lampu isyarat Jalan Kumbang Pasang/Jalan Sekolah;

Sepanjang Jalan Sekolah;

Simpang 3 lampu isyarat Jalan Tasek Lama/Jalan Sekolah;

Sepanjang Tasek Lama;

Simpang 3 Jalan Sungai Kianggeh/Jalan Kg Kianggeh;

Sepanjang Jalan Kg Kianggeh;

Simpang 3 Jalan Kg Kianggeh/Jalan Subok;

Simpang 3 Jalan Subok/Jalan Residency;

Sepanjang Jalan Residency;

Sepanjang Jalan Mc Arthur;

Sepanjang Jalan Sultan.

He said all roads linked to the capital will be closed at 7am, and only invited guests who are car park pass holders and shuttle buses will be allowed.

All roads to be passed by the participants will be closed half an hour before the walkathon starts.

The Deputy Superintendent called for the public's cooperation and for road users not to park their cars in a way that will block the area, especially the roads to be used by the participants.

Those who disobey the police rules and regulations will have their cars towed to the Police Station, and action will be taken against the drivers.

Awang Haji Ishak Bin Haji Abu Hanafiah, Senior Administrative Officer from the Ministry of Home Affairs, said Walkaton Emas 60 will be open to the members of the public.

"The Minister of Home Affairs Pehin Dato Awg Hj Adanan will welcome His Majesty during the walkathon," he said.

Because the car park in the capital is not sufficient to accommodate all the cars, shuttle buses will be provided to transport all the participants to the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien.

Participants can park their cars at the Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque area and at the Batu Satu Jalan Tutong open area.

Participants at the mosque will be transported to Jalan Bendahara near the Lapau, while participants at the Batu Satu Jalan Tutong will be sent to Jalan Stoney in front of RTB.

After the event ends, all participants who have parked their vehicles at the mosque are advised to wait at Jalan Bendahara for the return trip by shuttle bus.

For participants who park their cars at Batu Satu, the shuttle bus will be available at Jalan Stoney in front of RTB.

A few shuttle buses will be provided at the Pusat Kesenian area at Jalan Residency.

The buses will start operating from at 6 am.

All invited guests with car park passes can park at:

Letak kereta Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah;

Letak Kereta hadapan bangunan lapau; Letak kereta berhadapan bangunan alat alat kebesaran diraja;

Letak kereta bekas bangunan SPA ;

Letak kereta belakang dewan majlis and lapau Jalan Kianggeh;

Letak kereta bangunan pusat komersil and letak kereta bertingkat;

Letak kereta dermaga kastam;

Letak kereta Mahkamah tinggi syariah; Letak kereta Jabatan Bandaran Bandar Seri Begawan;

Letak kereta Kawasan Elektrik Bahagian leger. - Borneo Bulletin (30th June 2006)