KB dresses up to greet His Majesty
By Liza Mohd

The people of Belait were busier than bees rushing around, putting up tents and getting ready for their grandest celebration of the year.

After all they were going to meet and greet their caring monarch who would be visiting Kuala Belait today to celebrate with them, in grand style.

All spruced up and polished and waiting to greet His Majesty, scheduled to visit Belait District, they were also given the chance to watch a rerun of their field performances done today at the Padang Bandaran, later on Sunday July 23 at 8pm.

The Belait District Office announced the rerun to give members of the public a chance to watch the 'not-to-be-missed' field performance live at the same venue, as the district hoped to regain their trophy in field performance to make it six times in a row.

This year's field performance on the theme of 'Rampai Seni Meraih Gemilang' illustrates messages on culture and art among the people of Belait District.

An estimated number of 10,000 field performers from various areas of public sector, education institutions, private sector, non-governmental organisations, Mukims and Kampong Consultative Councils and multi-racial communities in the district will take part in the field performance. - Borneo Bulletin (22nd July 2006)