Temburong fiesta
By Hj Mohd Zaide Hj Damit

Temburong is in a festive mood for His Majesty's 60th birthday celebrations. Government buildings, shops and private premises are decorated with coloured lights, banners and flags.

There is a birthday arch at the Belalong Hall complex field, where the highlight of the celebrations will be held on July 19 during the get together between the monarch and his subjects, when the public pays respects to His Majesty.

At the Belalong Hall are exhibitions from the ethnic communities of Malay, Kedayan, Lun Bawang, Iban, and the government departments.

There will be a Gerai Perayaan, Pesta Dangdut, religious activities, Bintang Perayaam, Pentarama, and Malam Anggota Bomba at Taman Perayaan. On July 27 Pesta Agri/Makanan Temburong 2006 will be held at Tamu Aneka Selera, Bangar.

The Borneo Ethnic Festival will be held Aug. 25-27 at the Belalong Hall field. - Borneo Bulletin (8th July 2006)