Kite festival to mark Sultan's 60th Birthday celebrations
By Achong Tanjong

Various activities involving the participation of the Asean countries will be held in the country in conjunction with His Majesty's 60th Birthday celebration this year.

One such activity is the Asean Kite Festival to be held August 18-20. The three-day festival will take place at Tungku Beach, and will also feature a kite exhibition and kite-making demonstration to be showcased to members of the public.

The Executive Committee of the Kite Festival of His Majesty's 60th Birthday celebration is inviting Asean member countries to take part in the festival.

This was stated at the meeting held yesterday at the Brunei-Muara District Office, chaired by Awg Hj Maidin, co-chairman of the Kite Festival Executive Committee of His Majesty's 60th Birthday celebration. Also present at the meeting was Pehin Lau Ah Kok.

The objective of the festival is to enliven the festive celebration as well as to foster and promote friendship among the Asean member countries.

The executive committee of the celebration urged members of the public, private sector organisations and the relevant authorities to make contributions to support the event. - Borneo Bulletin (21st June 2006)