Jame 'Asr Mosque spruced up
By Rosli Abidin Yahya

The Jame 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque in Kampong Kiarong is being spruced up for a special religious thanksgiving ceremony to commemorate His Majesty's 60th Birthday on Friday evening, July 14.

A mosque officer said rehearsals for the event will be held this afternoon to ensure a smooth and flawless event.

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and members of the Royal Family are expected to attend the special thanksgiving ceremony on Friday.

Bruneians are also expected to attend the ceremony in large numbers to pray for their ruler to enjoy a long life.

The ceremony will comprise mass maghrib and isyak prayers, recital of Surah Yasin and 'Doa Kesyukuran' or Thanksgiving Prayer. - Borneo Bulletin (12th July 2006)