Sultan exhorts youth to follow Prophet's path
By Azrol Azmi

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday called on the Ummah, especially the young, to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Delivering his titah last night on the eve of Maulud Nabi, His Majesty reminded that the month of Rabiul Awwal in the Islamic calendar is not only for the sake of gathering and celebrating the late Prophet Muhammad but to reminisce and study the life of the Prophet and follow his teachings.

His Majesty said, "We have filled the month of Rabiul Awwal with 'Dikir' and 'Selawat' in all mosques, suraus and prayer rooms and have also held gatherings and mass processions like always. All these show our intention to propagate Islam as our national religion and adherence.

"Prophet Muhammad is a role model for the Muslim community. We should take examples from the late Prophet in all aspects of life, either spiritually or physically.

"Prophet Muhammad fulfilled his responsibilities as Allah's Caliph. He (Prophet Muhammad) has been an exemplar in carrying out a normal life, in acquiring livelihood, in socialising with friends and relatives, as well as family members and many more. We have to take examples from the Prophet.

"The Prophet is an example of hard work and determination. Therefore, if we, as Muslims, want to become big followers (Umat) then we should follow the path of the Prophet," His Majesty said.

His Majesty also emphasised that hard work and determination are essential for a developing nation, particularly for the young generation who His Majesty described as the axis of major beneficial changes to the nation.

However, they have to follow some conditions, like being educated, pious and well mannered.

"All these elements would make them stronger, braver and more appealing.Without devotion, good behaviour and education, there is nothing to be hoped for.

"History has shown that hard work coupled with strong determination and a strong spirit are some of the main reasons of the Muslim community's glory in the past."

His Majesty also said that al-Quran also underscores the importance of how exemplary young generations have stood strong against all odds.

Taking an example from al-Quran, the monarch highlighted about the youths of 'Ashabul Kahfi'. Although their numbers were not many, they did not succumb to the negative influence of their community.

"They stood strong even though they were against the current," His Majesty noted.

"That was the attitude of the young. Aside from having education and good manners, they stood fast to their beliefs and principles."

His Majesty added that this type of young generation is what the country is looking for, who are strong and looking forward for a better and greater future and not those who are easily influenced by bad elements.

"These are the ones the nation wants, not those who are weak physically and spiritually, not those that abuse drugs but those that are against drugs."

His Majesty also reminded all members of the community, especially the young, to always take care of the quality of life that we enjoy and follow the example and practise the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

"This is the meaning of remembering and celebrating the Maulid Ar-Rasul, not just by gatherings and Dikirs. What is more important is to reminisce the life of the late Prophet and by reading and studying al-Quran and using it as a guide." - Borneo Bulletin (20th Mar 2008)