Royal concern over Temburong's future
By CT Hj Mahmod

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Pengiran Muda Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah yesterday consented to take a closer study of the Temburong District's socio-economic development and HRH was particularly concerned about the abandoned quarry excavation sites.

The Crown Prince's due concern to the district's environmental sustenance has prompted HRH's visit to the quarry excavation sites for a closer look on its negative repercussions to the environment.

He also made a brief visit to one of the quarry operators to study the preparation and delivery process at the quarry, which serves as the main economic resource for the district.

During a mingling session with residents of Mukim Amo, Temburong, HRH saw it as an opportunity to learn more on the residents' social well-being personally. Amongst other things, HRH's official visit involved taking a closer look at the various infrastructures set up by the government. - Borneo Bulletin