Conserve today for better tomorrow
By Azlan Othman

His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince, Deputy Sultan and personal representative of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam urged all parties to be prudent in utilising the valuable natural resources which are non-renewable and always remember Allah and thank the Almighty for blessing the nation with oil and gas.

In his sabda during the launching of the Energy Week at the International Convention Centre yesterday, His Royal Highness said Allah has blessed the nation with natural resources - wealth from oil and gas. From such wealth, the nation enjoys peace, prosperity and stability.

The Deputy Sultan said to consolidate and widen the energy issue among the community and to create more awareness on the correct use of energy resources, with His Majesty's consent, May 24 has been declared as Energy Day in Brunei to coincide with the creation of the post of the Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister's Office.

"For a long time, the nation has been dependent on oil and gas resources to generate energy to activate economic and industrial activities. Over 88 per cent of the oil and gas revenue is spent on the country's development and progress.

"It must be noted that oil and gas are limited resources that are exhaustible and non-renewable. Over a period of time, efforts to explore and sustain the resources have become more challenging and the cost of exploration has soared drastically.

"Hence, it is the obligation of all parties to be prudent in utilising the valuable natural resources because without such resources, the nation would face a totally different lifestyle," the Deputy Sultan added.

HRH also said that efforts towards prudent use of the natural resources would likely pose tremendous objections and challenges, as many believe that such resources are their birthright, and everlasting. Such views are wrong.

HRH likened the call to save energy similar to inviting us to change our attitude. "If we fail to make changes, it means that we have not done any good. Hence, we have no choice but to change.

"We should be aware that oil and gas are treasures from Allah that have existed since the early days as narrated in Allah's firman in Surah at-Takweer, Verse 6," HRH said.

Without doubt, oil and gas are the sources of energy, which drives us and the entire world, HRH added

"Based on the Prophet's Hadith, the discovery of oil and gas is considered as one of the major events to indicate that doomsday is approaching.

"Hence the Prophet, as narrated by Al-Bazzar and At-Thabrani, has reminded us to always remember Allah by performing prayers and reciting 'Zikir' frequently to seek protection from Allah.

"Based on such guidance from the 'Hadith', we are being urged to be prudent and to intensify our efforts to remember Allah and thank for His blessings in providing oil and gas. By God's will, we will received the blessings to flourish, become wealthier and stronger," said the Deputy Sultan.

Earlier, HRH was greeted upon arrival by the Minister of Energy, Pehin Dato Seri Setia Awg Hj Yahya, as the chairman of the organising committee for Energy Week and other members of the organising committee.

The launching of Energy Week also saw three video clip presentations on "Energy Efficiency and Conservation" at the national, office and home levels, which were also officiated by HRH.

HRH later launched the "Energy Efficiency and Conservation" mascot, Awg Cekmat, and the Energy Week exhibition.

It is participated by government energy agencies including Energy Division at the PM's Office, Petroleum Unit and Department of Electrical Services and educational institutions.

The public including students are welcome to view the exhibition until September 8. - Borneo Bulletin (5th September 2007)