Thanksgiving ceremony at Gadong Night Market
By Zasika Musdi

September 11, 2006 saw the establishment of a cooperation known as the "Koperasi Peniaga-Peniaga Pasar Malam Gadong Berhad" (K3PMG), with its initial 16 members comprising of the Gadong Night Market traders. To date, there are 57 members with a share of approximately $29,000.

In conjunction with His Majesty's 61st birthday celebrations, the cooperation held a thanksgiving ceremony Thursday night to show appreciation to His Majesty for his magnanimous contribution in making the running of the businesses a success through particular agencies, especially through the convenience of tents and lights.

Present to officiate the ceremony was Hj Nairul Anawar bin Hj Abd Lahai, Chairman of the BSB Municipal Board, on behalf of the Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs. The event was chaired by Hj Hasbolashah bin Rosmalishah.

The main purpose of the cooperation was to create a sense of unity by increasing the members' socio-economy that is synonymous with the target of the Government through the establishment of the Cooperation Development Department in the 1970s, especially through business activities of the traders, such as tuck shops that stock products needed by the members, and also by offering a money borrowing scheme service to increase the business capital of the traders.

On July 2, a 30x10 container was converted into a tuck shop and was built at the Gadong Market's parking lot. On the same day, the shop began operations by three local youths, providing plastic products such as bags, cups, plates, spoons and other needs.

It is expected that by 2009, the cooperation will possess a share of approximately $100,000 through the method of a contributed share of $3 by each member collected every night.

If successful, all the traders' needs in pursuing their business could be provided wholly. - Borneo Bulletin (4th August 2007)