Depend on al-Quran for excellence
By Yazdi Yahya & Aemy Azlena

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in a Titah last night underscored the importance of the al-Quran in finding excellence and success.

The monarch delivered the titah at the National Nuzul al-Quran Celebration held at the Plenary Hall, International Conference Centre.

Also present were His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince, HRH Prince Abdul Malik and HRH Prince Abdul Mateen.

The most important source of knowledge for Muslims is the al-Quran His Majesty said.

Those who use the al-Quran as a reference will attain excellence, success and safety.

A map towards the path to excellence, success and safety is important and that map is contained in the al-Quran.

"No diversions exist in the al-Quran . It is the light that will shine all paths. The Arabs during the period of ignorance were an uncivilized race.

"However, after embracing Islam, their way of living changed and enabled them to build a glorious civilization. There is no doubt that was stimulated by the al-Quran," His Majesty said.

His Majesty noted that with this in mind, al-Quran is the right foundation to achieve excellence.

The holy book's role is to guide our faith by reminding us to worship only Allah Almighty especially in our acts of devotion towards Him as well as in other activities.

"Muslims cannot achieve excellence if they leave their religious duties behind since excellence wholly comes from Allah the Almighty," said His Majesty.

Worshipping Allah the Almighty means being obedient in every aspect of life besides praying and upholding all the dos and don'ts by the family, the country and also by us.

Main importance of religious duties is to find Allah the Almighty's blessings and god willing - all the doors to these blessings will be opened.

The monarch pointed out that this is our hope in finding excellence, not only in our current lives but also the afterlife.

The most important perspective is not to close it with the worldly development since in Islam; true success is measured by the excellence for the afterlife too.

This can be seen with the al-Quran approach through its verses on excellence and success.

"What is meant by a glorious success is none other than to receive the greater blessings or rewards from Allah the Almighty," His Majesty added. - Borneo Bulletin (29th September 2007)