Mukim, Village Consultative Councils Assembly in August
By Za'im Zaini

Mukim and village consultative councils nationwide will congregate in an assembly in a bid to strengthen and enhance the leadership at grassroots level for the prosperity and development of society.

They will converge on August 7 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Berakas, under the theme of "Bersama Memantapkan Pembangunan dan Kesejahteraan Masyarakat" or Together Enhancing the Development and Prosperity of Community.

This was announced at a press conference yesterday by the Acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dato Paduka Awg Hj Adanan, who is also the co-secretary steering committee of the assembly for the Mukim and Village Consultative Council at the Information Department.

The assembly, held in conjunction with His Majesty's 61st birthday, will be its second, the last one was held in 1996. The assembly will see 37 mukims and 168 village consultative councils with more than 3,500 members expected to make an appearance based on invitation for participation.

The acting permanent secretary went on to speak on more of the objectives of the event, which is to support the leadership of His Majesty based on the nation's philosophy Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) or Malay Muslim Monarchy.

It will seek to enhance cooperation and unity among leaders and members of the mukim and village consultative councils, to stress the importance of the institution of mukim and village consultative councils as an agent of nation development.

Speaking on the theme, the acting permanent secretary said: "This theme is a continuation of the last assembly held in 1996, where in that assembly, it was focused on arranging the working programmes for activities to activate and move the mukim and village consultative council."

This year's theme also seeks to improve the management, organisation and increase the capability of the mukim and village consultative council in line with the strategic planning of the Ministry of Home Affairs 2005-2025.

"With the assembly, we hoped that the mukim and village consultative council will be more influential, strong and energetic - suitable with the theme of the logo of the establishment of mukim and village consultative council - which is a platform of leadership at grassroots to spur community development and to lead the community.

The Village and Mukim Consultative Council was formed in 1993, three years later the assembly was converged.

It was seen that there was a need to converge the mukim and village consultative councils, this time after initial discussions and roadshows, the Acting Permanent Secretary explained on an enquiry made for its 11-year absence.

The assembly may possibly converge again in five years time and will not be held annually.

The format of the event will be an opening ceremony on August 7, session of speeches from local and foreign speakers and an exhibition that will showcase the "Projek Jaya' organised by the mukim and village consultative councils so that they can share their success stories. - Borneo Bulletin (29th July 2007)