Temburong to hold river procession
By Achong Tanjong

A river procession at Bangar will be among the many exciting activities lined up to mark His Majesty's 61st birthday celebration in the Temburong District to be held on July 27 at 8.00pm.

It is the first time such an event has been organised this year to coincide with the River Fiesta 2007 or "Pesta Sungai 2007" to add merriment and joy to the beloved ruler's birthday celebration.

The event is expected to attract many teams and divided into several categories for government agencies, primary and secondary schools, mukims and villages as well as individual categories, associations and private sectors in the district.

"Certainly, it's the event to watch," says a local tourist guide who will be bringing foreign tourists to the district to watch the occasion.

He believes the festival would also help promote tourism, especially eco-tourism in places such as Ulu Temburong National Park, Taman Batang Duri, Kuala Belalong Forest Reserve and Kuala Belalong Mini Park in the district.

The event is conducted by the Scout Association with cooperation and support from relevant authorities, including the Royal Brunei Police Force, Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the hospital and Fire and Rescue Department in the district.

The participating boats in the competition will be decorated with variety of colourful neon lights, and the winners will be judged based on the creative designs and structures of the boat decorations. The design, decorations and structure must not violate the government policy.

There will also be a food fair, a trade fair and stage shows, including song and dance performances. - Borneo Bulletin (25th July 2007)