Family values paramount
By Za'im Zaini
Photo: Info Dept

The family represents a vital institution in the personal development of the individual. A family institution with clear moral values, close familial ties and mutual respect amongst its members acts as the foundation for achieving the vision of building the family institution in Islam. These values are required to produce decent communities where members are made up of model individuals who possess impeccable characters.

HRH Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, who praised family values, also said that drug abuse, incest, promiscuity, the breakdown of morality, a lack of discipline and discord in the family institution are some of the social problems which are currently affecting communities, and Brunei is no exception.

The Crown Prince delivered a sabda at the first night of the final of the National al-Quran Reading Competition Adult Division 2007 at the Plenary Hall of the ICC last night. HRH also launched the event.

HRH found a need for the heads of the family, husbands and wives, mothers or fathers, children or family members, to play a concerted role in building happy families that are blessed by Allah, working together in deepening their knowledge of Islam, including in matters pertaining to Fardu Ain and Fardu Kifayah.

"Family practices based upon ways of life blessed by Allah and in accordance with Islamic values will lead to the types of community required by Islam, by attaining a balance between the needs of this world and hereafter, and not merely focusing on worldly demands.

"To create a generation of communities that are pious, rich in culture and that continue the tradition of living in an environment of harmony and tranquillity, it is necessary for family members and all levels of society to discharge their respective roles and responsibilities, whilst also possessing solid caring attitudes.

"By optimising and consolidating this role, our new generations will be prepared to become vital assets for the near future, that will bring the nation towards excellence, God willing," said His Royal Highness.

Speaking on the competition and al-Quran, the Crown Prince said, "This Quran competition is one of the national events which upholds and propagates the divine teachings of Islam in Brunei Darussalam.

"The Quran is the primary source of Islamic teachings that were bestowed by Allah the Almighty upon Prophet Muhammad and is a blessing to the entire universe.

"For mankind, the Quran is the light, which leads to the Islam's path of enlightenment and piety. The Quran is the sole revelation and basis of divine knowledge that is a source of reference and guidance that conveys mankind to the righteous way and Allah the Almighty's blessings.

"From this, mankind needs the guidance of the Quran to distance itself from wrong doings and misguidance. By thoroughly embracing the Quran, one will without doubt, be provided happiness in this world and the hereafter. By reading it and understanding its meanings, the human race will be able to embrace the teachings of the Holy Quran as a basis for universal guidance especially in matters of faith (akidah) and devotion (ibadah)," said the Crown Prince.

"Muslims without strength in their faith will be easily misguided and deviated from the true teachings of their religion. Amongst Muslims themselves the acts of deviations from their faith (akidah) have already occurred. This clearly indicates that people, who are susceptible to deviation and those elements responsible for these deviations, do not posses a strong belief in the Quran.

"Matters involving the erosion of our faith and deviation amongst Muslims from the teachings of our religion have recently become a cause for concern. This is even more so with the widespread prevalence of negative elements that are capable of endangering the faith and beliefs of Muslims.

"This is amongst the challenges that currently need to be faced by the Muslim ummah.

"Alongside this, the challenge and attraction of materialism increasingly jeopardises and erodes the strength of belief amongst Muslims. If care is not taken, excessively materialistic traits will destroy the strength and solidarity of the ummah.

"This is where resides the importance for us to return to the Quran within which is collected the revelations of Allah the Almighty to become our true guidance, source of wisdom and teaching," His Royal Highness said. - Borneo Bulletin (24th May 2007)