Better deal for the people
By Sonia K

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in his titah to mark the 23rd National Day announced measures aimed at improving the quality of public services with the establishment of a steering committee to undertake the task.

His Majesty said that we have to be open minded to overcome weaknesses as well as having a proactive attitude to achieve success in public services.

The private sector meanwhile has been urged to contribute to the development of the country, especially in strengthening the country's Gross Domestic Product through more direct and meaningful economic activities.

His Majesty pointed out that non-governmental organisations are also important in the development of the country with their beneficial activities while the public also have their responsibilities and roles to play.

"These are all the four sectors that are the main pillars of the country for it to exist as an independent country and capable of facing a competitive and uncertain world," said the monarch.

Development activities based on the maturity and stability of the concerned sectors are the most important contributions for the country.

His Majesty added that this means together we give and take and not only as a user to the country's resources.

The maturity and stability are without doubt a proof of our ability to strengthen the nation, said His Majesty.

In line with the desire to strengthen our nation, the public sector services need upgrading and improvement in more appropriate ethics.

Towards this, His Majesty has consented for the establishment of a committee called the Steering Committee in Providing Services to the Public by Government Agencies.

This committee, said His Majesty, will be incorporated into the Prime Minister's Office and will have the responsibility to improve the quality of services provided to the public.

As a small country with limited resources, it undoubtedly needs more innovative abilities to manage it. Only with such abilities that the country can maintain as well as provide an added value that is needed.

The beloved ruler stated that economic excellence is not only measured by achievements but also the quality of development as a whole.

This covers the management of human resources in technology and business fields.

"It must be planned properly to produce experts and intellectuals in their respective fields," said His Majesty.

If the country embraces these aspects, then we are already on par with other advance or developing nations regionally and globally.

In relation to this, it's obvious that this 'resource' must become our main focus, especially one that is called human ability.

Without the source of this ability, it will be impossible to step further even though we are rich in other resources.

Another aspect in this current era mentioned by the monarch is the management of the environment. This also needs a quality resource, His Majesty added.

The environmental managment is complicated since it is related to the inner side of the humans. Control and order can easily be made but it is impossible to see them being followed fully.

The answer to this is that we must have an orderly mechanism, which includes expert resources that are thorough in tackling things.

His Majesty reminded that everyone must have a sense of responsibility to preserve the environment and make it more attractive and clean without litter, especially at commercial areas and markets.

The monarch also said that we must not forget about disasters that frequently happen.

"We have already seen some around the world, especially to our neighbours. We follow it with great sympathy and concern since any kind of disaster is always painful for those who bear the brunt of it," said the ruler.

His Majesty said that we must always be cautious and pray that the country be protected from any such disasters.

"It is this deep feeling of sympathy and sense of humanity through which we establish relations internationally. We hope that if Brunei is enjoying prosperity then we also hope that our friends around the world can enjoy it too," said the monarch.

His Majesty expressed his thanks to the members of the Organising Committee as well as other committees for the National Day celebration including participants and those on duty in making this year's celebration a success.

This also goes out to all the people of Brunei including all levels of personnel in public services, security agencies and those in the private sector. (23rd February 2007)