KB looks back to the old days for inspiration
By Mohammad Abdullah

Kuala Belait's theme for this year's performances in conjunction with His Majesty's 61st birthday celebration is Classic Nostalgic Art of yesteryear. The conceptual theme is not only limited to the performances, where they portray traditional arts through performance, but also extended to the theme of the whole celebration.

The royal stage, as well as the entire area, is decorated with traditional art. Shields and armour designed for ancient royal guards are scattered throughout the entire area.

Shields and spears have also been erected along the road leading to the royal pavilion. These shields were also seen erected at each poles of the pavilion erected for the people.

The lampposts are decorated with colourful kites placed at the top of the lights, signifying the traditional cultural heritage we all share. In addition, several rectangular blocks with signatures belonging to the residents in the Belait District stretched along the area as a show of loyalty to His Majesty.

We tend to take for granted what is in front of our eyes, and fail to appreciate the hard work and money placed into making these decorations. We overlook them and sometimes fail to comprehend the creativity of the carpenters, the workmen and the designers who worked tirelessly to produce these works of art. - Borneo Bulletin (21st July 2007)