Bintang Mukim to mark royal b'day

The preliminary round for "Bintang Mukim" karaoke competition in the Tutong District was held at Sungai Basong recreational park.

It was organised by Tutong District penghulus and village headman in conjunction with the 61st royal birthday celebration in front of DPMMHAMB Hospital in Tutong.

Fifteen contestants were selected to the final round to be held on July 22.

In "Bintang Mukim" solo category for penghulus, village headman and working committee members the contestants are Abd Wahab bin Hj Duraman (Mukim Pekan Tutong), Mud Eddy Suffian bin Abdullah (Mukim Ukong), Hj Mohd Taib bin Hj Jaludin (Mukim Kiudang), Hj Ismail bin Hj Mohamad (Mukim Keriam) and Hj Tassim Hj Duraman (Mukim Pekan Tutong)

"Bintang Mukim" solo above 45 years old participants are Purnamasari bte Patt (Mukim Pekan Tutong), Adinah bte Ahmad (Mukim Tanjung Maya), Sulaiman bin Said (Mukim Keriam), Hj Abd Latif bin Perak (Mukim Pekan Tutong) and Hjh Saniah bte Hj Kula (Mukim Tanjung Maya)

For 18 to 44 years, the participants are Awang Haron bin Sahat (Mukim Telisai), Nurul Amalina bte Yusri, MAsinah bte Hj Ismail (Mukim Keriam), Mohd Isam Aswandy Kamarul Bahar (Mukim Telisai) and Hjh Suriana bte Hj Sacsu (Mukim Lamunin).

The public are welcome to watch the show. - Borneo Bulletin (18th July 2007)