6 uniformed agencies give their best in finale
By Mohammad Abdullah

Six uniformed departments joined forces in a combined performance held in conjunction with the Royal Wedding celebrations. Over 150 uniformed personnel participated in the performances. Wednesday night was their last performance on stage.

The Prisons Department, Immigration and National Registration Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Customs and Excise Department, Royal Brunei Police Force and Royal Brunei Armed Forces joined forces in entertaining the crowd for the Royal Wedding celebration.

The light drizzle did not deter families and friends as well as members of the public from enjoying the performances at the stage in front of the Royal Regalia Building in the capital. For two consecutive nights, the performers gave out their best to please the crowd.

Wednesday night performance was no exception. The cultural performances by the uniformed agencies wooed the crowd over the past week and the finale was not disappointing.

The area surrounding the stage was packed with people who eagerly waited for their favourite performers.

Several performances were held to woo the crowds during the night, which varied from drama, singing, dancing to comedy.

The performances were all conducted by uniformed personnel from the respective departments. They practised for weeks prior to the wedding celebrations.

One of the advantages of holding such events with other departments are to indirectly allow members of each uniformed department to get to know each other and work together as a team.

Since the uniformed departments work closely together, it was only natural that the cultural performance would enhance and strengthen their respective ties in a more informal setting. - Borneo Bulletin (15th June 2007)