Society as agent of change
By Za'im Zaini & Aemy Azlena

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam has called for society to be an agent of change in his titah at the national level Isra' Mi'raj celebration at the Plenary Hall of ICC yesterday.

The monarch said we should be wary with the present scenario, where social and moral problems are a difficult challenge to us. "We cannot only watch it but need to have the attitude as an agent of change."

The good must be preserved, while wrong-doings must be changed. This is called a society that is an agent of change, explained His Majesty.

The changes which are good or even better, are encouraged by Islam. Towards this, we are all asked to be agents of change.

His Majesty's titah also highlights that Allah the Almighty is affectionate to those who want to change. A noble concept, which is the concept of repentance, has been prepared in the religion.

This is the basis for someone to change their fate and themselves no matter how bad the person is, said the ruler.

"Let us all support this concept of change. We need to find a way to change; change from bad to good or better," His Majesty said.

Further highlighting this, the monarch stated that in matters of the afterlife, we are asked to change by leaving behind all things that are sinful and prohibited by Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) while in worldly matters, we are asked to change to achieve all the good things in life.

His Majesty hoped that we are all not neglectful from viewing this approach.

"Take the examples from events recorded in the al-Quran and as well as from Isra' Mi'raj that is full of lessons. Hopefully we will be a society that is blessed by Allah."

In Mi'raj , the Prophet (pbuh) was shown various forms of rewards for those obedient to Allah Almighty and the punishments or retributions for those who disobey his commands. This is clear to us that all acts of devotion and irreverence have been prepared by Allah on its retribution.

The monarch was also concerned on the indiscriminate mix of acts of devotion and sin.

His Majesty noted that in this era, pious acts and sinful deeds have been mixed. "It is done by those regardless of age, whether they are old or young and even by those in their teen."

This, His Majesty stressed, is very worrying.

Allah's rules cannot be amended and whoever seek merits will be rewarded while those who sin will receive punishment. Whether the retribution is swift or late, no one will know, he said. - Borneo Bulletin (12th August 2007)