Audit, feedback & a headcount
By Azaraimy HH

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, in a titah during the 14th Civil Service Day at the ICC yesterday called for an audit to re-evaluate staff requirements and to find out the optimum number of staff needed in each and every government agency.

This detailed audit, His Majesty said, must also take into account an assessment from those who received services from government agencies, by conducting research on 'customer satisfaction'.

Some 3,500 government officers and representatives from the private sector and organisations attended the 14th Civil Service Day at the ICC on Saturday, which carried the theme "Menjulang Kepimpinan Laila Kesejahteraan" which translates as "Upholding the leadership that aspires national prosperity".

In his titah, His Majesty said, "Even though this celebration is called the 14th celebration, it is a fact that Civil Service existed since a long time ago. The Civil Service is the most important institution to assist the government in planning and to develop policy and regulation, and is also responsible in implementing the outcome of each plan."

It is realised that this is not an easy role, His Majesty said in the titah, stating that it needs high capability and willingness to face challenges, among which is the hope of the government and the general public to see that the Civil Service successfully provides the infrastructure.

His Majesty said this is why he hopes the country's Civil Service achieves excellence. "The excellence encompasses all aspects of services. It must be understood and be made as an objective by all in the Civil Service.

"Towards this, I would like to see a detailed audit to re-evaluate and re-measure staff requirements in each government agency. We must know for certain the optimum number of staff needed. The audit must include an assessment from those who receive services from government agencies, by conducting research on 'customer satisfaction', not only measured from the eyes of the service providers, but also from the clients," His Majesty added.

"Delivery must be fast and accurate. This is the characteristic most awaited for. Therefore, a 'performance re-evaluation system' must be fair, so that officers and staffs truly become efficient.

"The Civil Service must also draw correct strategies to face oncoming challenges," His Majesty reiterated. "Strategy alone is not enough, all must fully understand and move in tandem toward the objective. So the public will see the government machinery as 'one'.

"A successful Civil Service requires good leadership which undoubtedly is the bridge to attain prosperity," His Majesty said, in concluding the titah. - Borneo Bulletin (11th Nov 2007)