Royal regalia is symbol of perfection of Brunei’s Monarch and still used until today

Brunei Darussalam is a country rich in tradition and customs especially its monarchy. The royal regalia is a symbol of perfection of our country’s Monarch and still used today.

Among the Royal Regalia used during the procession was the ‘Sinipit’, a type of spear and ‘Taming’ a type of shield. It is decorated with a red ‘Pisang-Pisang’ Flag carried by 40 ‘Awang-Awang’. The ‘Awang-Awang’ carried the ‘Sinipit’ or spear in the right hand and the ‘Taming’ in the left hand which symbolises courage, keepers of peace and justice.

This royal motorcade, part of royal regalia, a modified Rolls Royce car, painted with golden colour, only use in certain royal ceremony such as Sunday’s wedding parade. It’s complete with “Kindua”, another part of royal regalia, made from yellow cloth and used as canopy. Another example of the Royal regalia is ‘Changkah’, brought by ‘Pateh’ and ‘Damong’ as head of the royal parade.

‘Pemuras’ is a large gun held by ‘Panglima Raja’ wearing red ceremonial attire. While ‘Kelasak’, a type of shield and ‘Kampilan’ is a wide ‘Parang’ with a straight blade and sharp end carried by a ‘Panglima Asgar’ dressed in full red ceremonial attire. A type of transport called “Pemajangan Kenderaan” used to carry “Gendang Jaga-Jaga”. (11th June 2007)