Various participants were seen lining up along route to enliven Royal wedding procession

Aside from uniformed bodies lining up along the route of the royal wedding procession in the capital Sunday, involvement of non-governmental associations was also seen at the event.

Among those participating in enlivening the ceremony were various teams of ‘Hadrah’, the red-crescent, girl guides and scouts with the majority of them arriving in the capital as early as half past six in the morning.

‘Hadrah’ teams presenting mukims, villages and other associations joined the line of participants with the sole purpose of being part of the historical event taking place in the country.

A member of the Tutong District Red Crescent Association said although he had to rise early in the morning, he was pleased for being selected to participate in the memorable event.

The involvement of the associations reflected concerted commitments of all walks of life from the four districts, regardless of age, origin, race, or religion to join hands in making the event a success. For the young participating in such activities undoubtedly helps to nurture in them leadership values at an early age, because they are leaders of the future. (11th June 2007)